Shailene Woodley In Honor – ‘The Hunger Games’ LA Premiere

Shailene Woodley also attended ‘The Hunger Games’ LA premiere yesterday evening.

I wanted to like this look, but then I realised I was only feeling that way because I liked her and not this Honor Fall 2012 maxi dress for this occasion.

Don’t get me wrong, this black floral short-sleeve dress is nice, but it’s not doing anything for her and it looks a few sizes too big.

Whilst I’m not expecting her to upstage the main star, it would be great to see her have fun with fashion like she did when she first came to our attention.

It seems like she’s already over this red carpet thing.

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23 thoughts on “Shailene Woodley In Honor – ‘The Hunger Games’ LA Premiere

  1. Nat

    Absolutely awful. One of the worst red carpet looks of the year, for me.
    And it makes me sad to say it, as I really like this girl.

  2. eleanor

    I think what would have saved the look a little was to keep the shirt under at least..
    I never liked her style and she has a stylist so it’s really sad. i just think she’s sooooo overrated.

  3. call_me_schmeg

    it looks like a purple-flowered garbage bag. for someone so beautiful, this is doing nothing for her. is that another pony tail too? le sigh.

  4. Hannah

    She literally has the most red carpet potential and does nothing with it. Since the first few red carpet outings she has had she has aged herself so many years adn constantly wears long, matronly, ugly oversized clothes. She nedes to fire her stylist.

  5. Sarah

    I agree i ran into her before the movie premiere and we talked and stuff.. she was also wearing a black leather dress when i ran into her… In person the dress is 2x bigger….

  6. pipsqueak

    The dress was terrible to begin with. I don’t understand the design of it or the styling on the runway. Shailene made it worse. She looked like a celebrity who’s gained weight and is going through a wardrobe crisis. Why oh why? Shailene, are you trying to ignore fashion just to prove you’re a serious actor? Just because you play a pregnant teen on TV doesn’t mean you have to look like one in real life.

  7. Raquel

    The dress is bad on the model and it is bad on her, too big on both and the print is really ugly.

    But I kind of get the overall vibe she was trying to achieve. Too bad this dress wasn’t the one.

  8. Dada

    What happened to the “check yourself carefully in the mirror before going out , especially when you are going to the movie premiere of one of the most expected film of the year ?”


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