October 14, 2019 Runway To Red Carpet, Screening

‘Bombshell’ LA Screening

'Bombshell' LA Premiere

Any promo tour consisting of Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, and Margot Robbie is expected to be  full of high glamour looks, but this black carpet was a screening of their new film ‘Bombshell,’ so glamour took a back seat – for now – to allow style and sophistication to be placed high on the agenda on Sunday (October 13) in West Hollywood.

Nicole Kidman: Some might consider this Altuzzura Spring 2020 off-white suit safe, but let’s consider the styling.  The brown velvet Manolo Blahnik ‘Nadira’ pumps with a jeweled accented wouldn’t have been my first choice. But I do like how the striped shirt gives this look some personality.

Charlize Theron:  After last week’s misstep, Charlize came back swinging by falling back on a classic, like this Givenchy Pre-Fall 2019 blazer, which brought polish to her overall look.  The skirt, designed in a tonal ombré colourway with rich caramel hues, is what really sold this look to me.  I still can’t get on board with the hair.  I would rather she goes back to brunette than continue sporting this bowl-cut.  

Margot Robbie: Yes, this was a screening, but I kinda felt that this Mara Hoffman crop top and trouser combo from the Spring 2020 collection, was a little too casual for the event. But in saying that, had I known I was going to any event with Nicole and Charlize, I would’ve overdressed. Ballgown, a tiara…the works.  So we have to give her credit for not going down that road.  Mansur Gavriel sandals, and Roxanne Assoulin ‘ Hip-Hop But Not Triple Tier’ earrings completed her look.

Altuzzura Spring 2020
Givenchy Pre-Fall 2019
Mara Hoffman Spring 2020

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19 Responses to ‘Bombshell’ LA Screening

  1. alvarospain October 15, 2019 at 3:52 pm #

    Charlize is the best here.

  2. Guest October 15, 2019 at 3:16 pm #

    Charlize’s haircut IS for a movie. The Fast and Furious 9, let’s give her a break – she did something courageous for a role and now everyone is trolling her for it. If you were getting paid $15 million USD contingent upon you getting a bowl cut, what would you do? Seriously!? It will grow out. She’s such a natural beauty and has such an effortless edgy style!! She looks great and is pulling off this haircut with confidence. Props to that!!

  3. Guest October 15, 2019 at 12:24 pm #

    Love Charlize’s skirt and wish she’d worn it with that great grey sweater. Nicole and Margot look sloppy.

  4. Catarina_M October 15, 2019 at 9:08 am #

    I love Charlize look, but I can’t get past that awful haircut. Nicole looks fine and Margot’s ensemble is sloopy, especially the trousers.

  5. Guest October 15, 2019 at 6:05 am #

    Charlize’s skirt and sandals are my favourite part here. I wish Margot’s pants had fit better.

    • Red Carpet Fashion Awards October 15, 2019 at 6:46 am #

      Yes. The trouser really lets the look down

  6. Phee phee October 15, 2019 at 5:32 am #

    Nicole looks best. Charlize looks kinda mumsy. I dont like it at all. Margots outfit is just awful….the fit, the design, the color

  7. Guest October 15, 2019 at 2:27 am #

    Nicole and Charlize look good even if neither are exciting. Margot looks a mess. That’s a terrible look.
    I’m looking forward to seeing this trio more over the next few months. Hopefully they really bring fashion wise.

  8. Vizual Ninja October 15, 2019 at 12:47 am #

    Charlize is the favourite here sans hair. Margot’ look looks so much better in the lookbook, looks sloppy on her. Nicole is just ok. This is an awesome cast, I hope this isn’t a reflection of what the rest of the promo will look like.

  9. Jess Mara October 15, 2019 at 12:20 am #

    I really hate Charlize’s hair but if it’s for a movie that make sense.
    Nicole is my favourite here but not wowed by any of them

    • Red Carpet Fashion Awards October 15, 2019 at 6:44 am #

      I hope it’s for a movie too

  10. Guest October 14, 2019 at 11:35 pm #

    All are boring or sloppy looking (Margot). Maybe Charlize is best of this bunch. I had zero expectations for high glamor from Margot but I did expect better from Nicole and possibly Charlize.

    • Red Carpet Fashion Awards October 15, 2019 at 6:46 am #

      we have to remember that this was a screening

  11. Guest October 14, 2019 at 11:32 pm #

    I wish Nicole had worn the sweater vest from the runway – would have been much edgier! The others look nice enough.

    • Red Carpet Fashion Awards October 15, 2019 at 6:44 am #

      I agree. It was one of the best things about the look

  12. JR October 14, 2019 at 11:14 pm #

    But Charlizes hair is for the Fast and Furious 9…and lets face it, for that paycheck I would gladly get a bowl cut!

    • Red Carpet Fashion Awards October 15, 2019 at 6:45 am #

      ?? Ok,I’ll let her off if that’s the case

  13. P&P October 14, 2019 at 11:13 pm #

    I’m bored by all of them.

  14. Guest October 14, 2019 at 9:42 pm #

    Not excited, but Nicole looks best here.

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