Julie Bowen In Johanna Johnson – 2013 SAG Awards

Julie Bowen In Johanna Johnson - 2013 SAG Awards

Julie Bowen joined her ‘Modern Family’ co-star Sofia Vergara on the red carpet on Sunday evening for the 2013 SAG Awards in California.

Wearing a Johanna Johnson black leather gown with embellished sleeves, I can’t say it was my favourite look of the night.

The actress has denied reports that she is pregnant but the stretch of the leather around her stomach is telling me otherwise.

Black Jerome C. Rousseau sandals and a gold Judith Leiber clutch completed her look.

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11 thoughts on “Julie Bowen In Johanna Johnson – 2013 SAG Awards

  1. Jess2

    Yes the stretch of the leather is telling me that pregnancy is a possibility as well. Not the best she has looked unfortunately.

  2. andrea

    Angelina would have pulled this off better. I keep wanting to slide her left sleeve over to it sits correctly on her shoulder, its kind of driving me nuts.

  3. Elise

    Checking other photos, I just believe it’s an unflattering dress. Something is wrong with the left shoulder as well.

  4. quang

    I feel bad for Julie. For the last THREE years people have been saying that she looks pregnant, when in reality her stomach is probably just set like that after giving birth to twins.

    1. snowlion

      I tend to agree, the red carpet shots are just so unflattering, but if you look through the rest, particularly those inside the auditorium, the dress doesn’t look nearly as stretched, shiny and round. My stomach isn’t the same after one baby, I doubt many except a lucky few come through twins unscathed :-)

  5. Moxie

    Not a flattering gown. If she’s pregnant, she could have hidden or shown off the bump better. If she’s not… then this was a horrible choice in gowns because she looks like she is.


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