Cassie In Roberto Cavalli – ‘King Of Hearts’ Launch Party

Cassie is currently in Paris with her beau Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs.

On Monday night she hosted a party at L’Arc Club to launch her new single, ‘King of Hearts’.

The singer, who’s currently sporting a Mohawk, donned a head-to-toe Roberto Cavalli Spring 2012 look.

Her vibrant look included a colourful embroidered jacket which she wore without a top, but hopefully plenty of double-sided tape.

Salmon-pink pants, a purple mink jacket thrown over her shoulder and fringed lavender Cavalli heels completed her look.

Sans the mink, I really like this look, being a fan of bright colours and all.

I just wish she would grow her hair back. This look is really tired now.

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20 thoughts on “Cassie In Roberto Cavalli – ‘King Of Hearts’ Launch Party

  1. Christine

    I agree about the tired hairstyle. I want to see more up her sleeves.

    Her face is flawless.

  2. AW

    “I just wish she would grow her hair back. This look is really tired now.”

    I totally agree and the same should be said about her “music”.

    She’s a gorgeous girl, this ensemble is amazing on her and she should stick to modeling and smushing Sean Combs.

  3. Nat39

    The ‘nakedness’ of this look is off-putting. I could’ve called this look bold if it was only a bare midriff, the chest area should’ve been covered up.

  4. justme

    I agree, she’s about three years late with that hairstyle. She also should have kept the runway black bra.

    1. mattison

      The bra would really have helped. As it is, she just looks like Diddy kicked her out of the hotel room before she was finished getting ready so he could apply his ProActiv.

  5. kiwi

    I do not know her.. bust she’s very pretty and its quite afab look.. love the jacket, the heels etc etc, yes its daring but she does not make it look tacky

  6. Leni

    I love the hair, she looks so fresh and young!
    I don’t think one’s hairstyle should depend on what’s in at the moment if they wear it well. I’m actually tired of all the ‘samey’ long, princess hair on the red carpet.


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