Rihanna In Matthew Adams Dolan – Stance For Clara Lionel

While I wasn’t blown away by Rihanna’s look at the ‘Ocean’s 8’ world premiere, I was starting to see light at the end of the tunnel, but her appearance at Stance for the Clara Lionel Foundation on Wednesday (June 6) in New York City had me questioning everything.

Matthew Adams Dolan is a very talented emerging designer. And if you check out his last two collections, you will see that oversized silhouettes sit firmly in his wheelhouse.

What I still don’t understand is Rihanna’s reliance on this oversized look for the past 12 months which started at Cannes.

I don’t hate the look as I love the colour, the attitude and the styling – which included a Stalvey bag, Chopard jewels and Manolo Blanhik heels – but I kinda wish she would play another note on that banjo.

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Rihanna In Matthew Adams Dolan – 69th Annual Parsons Benefit

When did oversized become ridiculous?

That’s the question I’m asking myself upon seeing Rihanna wearing a Matthew Adams Dolan suit to the 69th Annual Parsons Benefit on Monday (May 22) in New York City, where she was honoured on the night.

This almost looks like one of those montages where someone sticks a head on a body of someone else; it’s just way out of proportion to take too seriously.

She looks like a toddler who has ransacked her grandfather’s closet.

Too clownish for me. Thoughts?

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