June 20, 2019

Miles Teller’s Strong Suit For Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Miles Teller made a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday (June 20), where he talked about his new moustache, getting engaged, his bachelor party in the Dominican Republic, his series ‘Too Old to Die Young,’ working with director Nicolas Winding Refn, and his desire to play Elvis Presley.

No prizes for guessing why was instantly drawn to this look.

As we all know celebrity menswear is on a continual rise, that has seen guys step outside the norm, and this is more prevalent during the summer months.

In this Strong Suit blue suit, I would like to make Miles the ambassador for impressive summer dressing. 

The suit is awesome, but factor in the Hawaiian-style printed shirt and matching suede loafers, and this is one of my favourite looks of the year.

It almost makes me forget how much I’m not fan of his moustache.

Credit: Jimmy Kimmel

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