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ESPY Awards Trend Spotting Long, Loose Waves

When it came to their hair at Wednesday’s ESPY Awards, nearly all the lovely attendees chose to wear it down. And while a few people went for a sleek look (Danica Patrick, Marisa Miller), there were lots of tousled waves, and quite a few deep, side parts, too. Trend alert!

Lake Bell and Katherine Webb epitomized the effortless, summer look, while Chrissy Teigen took her part even deeper, and left her curls a bit more precise, and kept the top of her locks straight. Olivia Wilde’s translation of the trend was the ‘cleanest’, with a smoother, less tousled curl.

To achieve this look, you want to keep (or add!) some texture to your hair as you blow dry, so add a mousse to your wet hair, and then rough dry it (use only your fingers to tousle as you dry–no brush).

Once it’s dry, spray it with a texturizing spray, and then chose the location of your part. Once the part is in place, use a curling iron and curl your entire head, alternating directions of the curl to create a messier look. If you want to recreate Chrissy’s look, instead of winding the entire length of your hair on the wand, stop mid-length to keep the top straight.

Once the curls are complete, run your fingers through them to pull them a little looser and make things a bit more tousled.

Finally, set the look with a flexible hold hair spray to keep the waves in place, but still moving.

ESPY Awards Hair

Redken Curvaceous Wave Ahead Texturizing Mousse
Oscar Blandi Pronto Texture &Volume Spray
DevaCurl Flexible Hold Hairspray

Credit: Getty

Hair Trend Wigs

One of the easiest ways to change your hairstyle without any real commitment? A wig, of course. While many women shy away from the idea of rocking a wig as if it was their own hair, there has definitely been a trend recently of stars covering their natural tresses with a faux ‘do.

Pace Wu rocked a messy, highlighted shag as a stark contrast to her long, dark tresses, and Fan Binging went short and geometric with a chic angular bob over her own glossy locks.

Ciara tried out two different blonde wigs at the BET Awards–short, curled and blonde for her walk down the red carpet and a longer, waved (and dare I say Rihanna-esque) blonde look for her performance. And since Ciara is somewhat of a hairstyle chameleon, neither of these looks was a far cry from her real hair– just longer and shorter versions of her shoulder-length, blonde ‘do.

Nicole Kidman took a sexy turn in a textured, red bob in the Fall 2013 Jimmy Choo ad campaign, and she looked stunning in her natural hair colour–a far cry from the blonde hue she’s been wearing for quite some time.

And if you’re inspired by these stars to get wiggy, the key to looking like a celeb while wearing a wig is twofold: getting a high quality hair piece, and its styling. A good brush, the right type of styling product to protect the wig, and even some simple cutting (visit a pro) to customize the piece exactly to your head and face shape. Click here for a great resource for wigs and accessories for UK readers.

Credit: Jimmy Choo, ImagineChina & Getty

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Hair Trend Spotting Half-Up Hair

Wearing long hair half pulled up and half down has all but disappeared as a trendy hairstyle in recent years, but several stars have been spotted with the style recently–in fact, three just this week! It looks like the celebs (and their stylists) are bringing this look back in a big way.

Jessica Chastain pulled her hair back in a low, loose clasp–maintaining the hair’s part–for a casually chic look, while Kristin Davis pulled just the top front section of her hair straight back for an effortless–and might I add very Charlotte-esque – style.

Sandra Bullock walked the red carpet with a messy, textured version of the style, and by keeping a deep side part and strategically pinning strands in place, her messy approach ends up looking the dressiest of any of the stars.

The options for recreating this style are almost limitless by pulling back various amounts of hair and keeping hair smooth or creating texture, so it’s easy to make the style work for your particular hair.

Also, you can make the style even more personal by choosing fun clasps to fasten the hair in place.


PLUIE Starfish Barrette
France Luxe Enamel Barrette
L. Erickson ‘Small Couture Bow’ Barrette in Mandarin

Credit: Getty

She Bangs Celebrity Fringes

Bangs are such a huge trend among celebrities right now that they’re almost past the point of being a trend–everyone has them! In fact, just this week, Jessica Alba, January Jones and Lauren Conrad debuted new fringe.

So if you’re considering taking the bangs plunge, but aren’t sure which type you want, here are some fabulous celebrity bangs to offer up some inspiration.

Lauren’s bangs are a great example of heavy, eyelid-grazing bangs, which are a great addition to long hair.

Rashida’s bangs are fun and choppy–they are actually cut in various lengths, and are thinner all the way across–this type of bangs look great with many different hair lengths, and offer a very relaxed effect.

Alice offers a great example of wearing a thick fringe swept to the side, and this elegant look lends some versatility to the ‘straight across the forehead’ look most people associate with bangs. They don’t have to be limiting.

Kerry Washington’s bangs offer some movement to her shoulder-length ‘do because they are thinned at the ends for a more delicate, wispy effect. This is a great way to get bangs without getting a heavy look.

So if you’re ready to commit, just take a photo of your favorite celebrity fringe to your hairstylist, so the look can be emulated on your own locks.

Still nervous? Get the look without the scissors with clip-in bangs. They are surprisingly easy to put in, and can look completely real with just a little styling. And most kinds can be styled just like your regular hair.

Clip On Bangs

Hairdo Clip-In Bangs
WOW Bangs by Daisy Fuentes

Credit: Getty & FameFlynet

Hair Style How-To The Faux Bob

Between the magic of hair extensions and pro hairstyle tricks like the faux bob, it often seems like celebrities have some magic up their sleeves for making their hair grow faster. Well, if like many celebs, you would also like to sport shorter hair for a night, we’ve got details straight from the pros on one of those celebrity hair tricks: The Faux Bob.

Both Emma Watson and fellow actress Haley Bennett wore their hair in faux bobs to the Los Angeles premiere of ‘The Bling Ring,’ and we got Haley’s stylist, Mara Roszak, to break down exactly how she created the shortened ‘do on Haley’s long red locks.

First, Mara applied Leonor Greyl Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice to Haley’s wet hair, and then she ‘rough dryed’ it, which simply means getting the bulk of the moisture out of wet hair by flipping the head over and shaking the hair with your hand. No tools, no precision, just getting hair dry.

Next, Mara curled small sections of the hair with a one-inch barrel curling iron and wrapped them into pin curls, and let them sit for 10 minutes.

Then she removed the curls and brushed them out with a Mason Pearson All Boar Brush (a favorite among hairstylists!) and back-combed at the roots to create some volume.

Then came the pinning: Working in small sections, Mara started at the ends of Haley’s hair and rolled it under and up until she reached the scalp, and then pinned. Once it was all pinned in place, shorter pieces around the face were pulled loose to create a more natural look.

For longer hair like Haley’s, this method of creating a curled ‘bob’ helps create a more textured, realistic look. But for shorter hair, you can create a sleek ‘bob,’ like Emma’s, by simply eliminating the curling process.

Faux Bob Tools

Leonor Greyl Mousse au Lotus Volumatrice
L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray Extra Hold Hairspray Unscented
Hot Tools White Pearl 1-Inch Gold Curling Iron
Mason Pearson All Boar Brush
Gimme Basics Bobby Pins

Credit: Getty

How to Achieve the Classic Blowout

While deep side parts and old Hollywood waves are right on-trend this season, the perfect, classic blowout never goes out of style.

Case in point? Chloe Moretz’s flawless mane at the Billboard Music Awards. Parted in the middle, just the right amount of volume, and barely bent at the ends. Jennifer Lopez also walked down the Billboard Music Awards with a smooth blowout, and model Doutzen Kroes had a modified version at the red carpet premiere of ‘Jimmy P. (Psychotherapy of a Plains Indian)’ in Cannes.

While the length of her hair was full of body and smooth, she parted it to the side, and tucked it behind her ears for a slightly sleeker look on top.

To get the classic blown-out look at home, you just need some patience and the right tools.

Clean hair blows out the best, so use a clarifying shampoo and conditioner like Drybar Happy Hour Weightless Shampoo and Conditioner.

Then, towel dry the hair, comb it out, and apply a mousse like Bumble and bumble. Thickening Full Form Mousse to add body. Then, an important product tip you’ll be thanking me for: Apply a small dollop of Living proof. Prime Style Extender–it literally doubles the life of your blowout! So if you usually have to wash after two days, this will give you four.

It’s time to dry. The higher powered the hair dryer, the easier it is to get your hair dry without frizz. Using large alligator jaw clips like Drybar Hold Me Hair Clips, section the hair into small, two-inch sections, and dry using a ceramic round brush.

Be sure to start at the roots, and as you pull the brush down through the length of the hair, follow it with the dryer, making sure the nozzle is pointing downward onto the hair to help eliminate frizz. Once you’re at the front, top layer, be sure to dry away from the face on each side.

When the hair is completely dry, tame any stray frizz with a glossing serum like Phyto Phtolisse Ultra-Glossing Finishing Serum. Then, voila! A little time and patience, and you’ve got the perfect, classic blowout.

Blow Out

Drybar Happy Hour Weightless Shampoo
Drybar Happy Hour Weightless Conditioner
Bumble and bumble. Thickening Full Form Mousse
Living proof. Prime Style Extender
Drybar Hold Me Hair Clips
Jilbere Round Brush
Phyto Phtolisse Ultra-Glossing Finishing Serum

Beautiful Braided Updos at Cannes

Although braids have been a fun hair trend for some time now, most people still think of plaits as a more casual hairstyle. Not so said some of the beautiful actresses at Cannes Film Festival.

French actress Berenice Bejo, Freido Pinto and Fan Bingbing all chose braided looks that wrapped across their hairlines.

Berenice went for a more classic ‘milkmaid’ look, with a single, loosely plaited braid wrapped around her crown, which is certainly the most casual of the three looks, but still completely red carpet appropriate.

Freido’s braid was finished asymmetrically with the various pieces fastened into a rosette-inspired cluster on the left side of her head.

Fan’s look was accomplished by making several French braids down the back of her head, the entire length of her hair. The braids were then wound together into a bun, which was fastened at the nape of her neck.

Each of these looks is achievable at home with just a little practice!

To make your own plaited creations, it’s best to use dirty hair. If your hair is clean, apply Big Sexy Hair Voluminizing Dry Shampoo to add texture to your hair. Use clear hair elastics to hold the braids in place undetected–Goody’s Clear Hair Rubber Bands variety pack is a great option, as there are various sizes for various sized braids. And when you are pinning the braids into place, match the bobby pins to your hair. Goody Colour Collection Metallic Bobby Pins come in blonde, brunette and black.

Braid Post

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo
Goody Clear Hair Rubber Bands
Goody Colour Collection Metallic Bobby Pins

Credit: Getty

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