Jeanne Balibar In Jacquemus – ‘Barbara’ Cannes Film Festival Photocall

Jeanne Balibar attended the ‘Barbara’ photocall during the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival this afternoon (May 18).

Simon Porte of Jacquemus loves to deconstruct – then reimagine – traditional styles, and that was definitely the case when he imagined the silhouette of this top causing the overlay to expand passed the shoulders.

This was a confident choice for Jeanne, however, the look kinda ran out of steam below the waistline.

I’m going to assume she didn’t opt for blue trousers to prevent this look having a nuns habit vibe, but I’m not feeling the black trousers on this occasion.

Jacquemus block heel pumps rounded out the look.

Jacquemus sculptured-heel suede pumps

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18.05.17 Photocall

Michelle Williams In Louis Vuitton – ‘Wonderstruck’ Cannes Film Festival Photocall

While Marion Cotillard was showcasing her new found freedom from all things Dior, the Michelle Williams, Louis Vuitton union was still going strong this afternoon (May 18) at the ‘Wonderstruck’ Cannes Film Festival photocall.

Many of you have sighted “different version of the same dress” syndrome when it comes to MW x LV, however, this A-line silhouette punctuated with all-over wave-prints and a flared skirt adding both volume and drama to the overall silhouette can’t be overlooked.

And do you know the best thing about this look?

She’s wearing sandals. Hallelujah.

It’s been some time since a Louis Vuitton muse has be able to showcase her pedicure, as the LV ankle boots have been something of a must-wear with any LV look.

As for tonight, if I’m not typing the words, “Michelle Williams”, “Louis Vuitton” and “blown away” in the same sentence, I will be bitterly disappointed.

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17.05.17 Photocall

Monica Bellucci In Stella McCartney – Mistress Of Ceremonies Cannes Film Festival Photocall

Monica Bellucci was officially unveiled as the Mistress of Ceremonies for the 70th annual Cannes Film Festival on Monday (May 17).

Opting for her second black Stella McCartney jumpsuit in a row, my immediate reaction was to screengrab the image and @VictoriaBeckham so she could see what beautiful long trousers look like when tailored properly.

Every finer detail has been considered with this piece from the languid silhouette to the volume up top with batwing sleeves.

I simply adore the brooch which adds a touch of glamour.

Stella McCartney Victoria stretch-cady jumpsuit &

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Fan Bingbing In Ralph & Russo Couture – 2017 Cannes Film Festival Jury Photocall

Fan Binbging joined fellow jury member Jessica Chastain for the jury photocall for the 70th Cannes Film Festival this afternoon (May 17).

Couture might seen OTT for a photocall, but 1. this is Cannes and 2. this is Fan Bingbing, and if there was such a rule I doubt she would follow it.

And that’s why I love her. I mean who doesn’t like some polished elegance in the form of Ralph & Russo on a sunny afternoon?

The off-the-shoulder style blazer does serve up a fresh take on the classic skirt suit, plus I love that Fan opted for single sole shoes.

I just wish she kept the runway belt, hers takes a slight shine off the look.

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17.05.17 Photocall

Jessica Chastain In Roksanda – 2017 Cannes Film Festival Jury Photocall

Jessica Chastain was in great spirits for the jury photocall for the 70th Cannes Film Festival this afternoon (May 17).

My first reaction to seeing the actress in this Roksanda ‘Florent’ crepe jumpsuit was “nooo”, only because Kerry Washington wore this same jumpsuit back in March, and I was hoping to be blown away by something new.

Once I got over this being a re-run I immediately fell in love.

The sleek silhouette and colour really suit Jessica’s effortless style and I adore how the voluminous bows add a playful feel that she balanced with slick accessories including Giuseppe Zanotti sandals.

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Alba Rorhwacher In Valentino – ‘Ismael’s Ghosts’ Cannes Film Festival Photocall

Alba Rorhwacher joined Marion Cotillard for the ‘Ismael’s Ghosts (Les Fantomes d’Ismael)’ Cannes Film Festival photocall this afternoon (May 17) in Cannes, France.

Opting out of the velvet version of this Valentino Fall 2017 dress, Alba opted for leather?

Well due to the construction of the piece it doesn’t appear to be too heavy, even though she went down the Nicolas Ghesquière mode of styling her dress with ankle boots.

I can’t say I’m blown away, but she makes it work.

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