Dakota Fanning In Rodarte – 2013 Met Gala

Dakota Fanning In Rodarte - 2013 Met Gala

A very grown-up looking Dakota Fanning attended the Met Gala as a guest of Rodarte.

The actress looked beautiful in the sheer-paneled geometric gown, and by simply modifying the look to have a slightly higher v-neckline, she actually looks far more ladylike and graceful in the gown than the runway model.

She’s following the sideswept hair trend of the night, which, along with her black nails, is her nod to punk.

I think this is subtle and beautiful, and a total win. Do you like the look, or do you wish she’d taken a bigger risk?


Credit: Style.com & Getty

19 thoughts on “Dakota Fanning In Rodarte – 2013 Met Gala

  1. mirela

    Yes, I agree, this is an excellent look. I saw the pictures from the back and it looks even better.

  2. EmmaWoodhouse

    Sorry, too revealing for me. I do love her choker, I wish she’d do something different with her hair though.

  3. Dana

    Amazing, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Dakota look better. She looks so chic and effortless and is carrying herself so beautifully, it is obvious she is comfortable and loves this look.

  4. Eve_V

    I do wish she had done something different with her hair, but the dress is perfect for her, and I especially love the back of it.

  5. jas

    i was undecided when i saw this dress from the front, but the back made me LOVE it. so cool

  6. the ogre

    for a change i like her more than her younger sister over here becase she embraces the theme much better and she does look really nice over here.

  7. Moxie

    I think she looks really chic. It is revealing, but not too much so. I really wish she had done something with her hair, though.

  8. Chi

    Sorry if I sound horrible, but I don’t get the obsession with the Fanning sisters…. Elle looked ridiculous – makeup + dress and Dakota just looks boring and her hair needs a brush and root touch-up. I know they’re young but then so are a lot of the other actresses – Hailee Steinfeld – and they get it right.


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