Jennifer Lopez In Bec & Bridge and J Brand – En Route To BBC Radio 1 Studios

Jennifer Lopez In J Brand - Dorchester Hotel

Jennifer Lopez stopped to give us a diva-licious pose as she left her hotel in London earlier today en route to the BBC Radio 1 Studios.

The singer looked in good spirits despite her risqué performance on ITV’s ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ receiving over 100 complaints to media watchdog Ofcom for being too provocative for a family show on Tuesday.

On that night she wore a bodysuit with marabou-and-ostrich-feather sleeves by The Blonds; however, today she was covered up, wearing a white Bec & Bridge ‘Santa Ana’ blouse, a white Bec & Bridge ‘Classico’ blazer and J Brand 811 skinny-leg Rapture jeans.

Her accessories included a Stark ‘A Wave From It All’ white python clutch, with the standout part of her look being her Christian Louboutin ‘Guerilla’ studded hot-pink open-toe booties.

As much as I would never consider buying hot-pink studded booties, there is no denying that JLo is rockin’ the hell out of these boots.

Shop Jennifer’s J Brand 811 skinny leg rapture jeans and Christian Louboutin Guerilla booties in turquoise, tan and black above

Credit: FameFlynet

22 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez In Bec & Bridge and J Brand – En Route To BBC Radio 1 Studios

    1. Virginia Laffite

      They are certainly not at all classy! Terrible mistake JLo made. She
      ALMOST looked 1000%!! LESS IS MORE!!

    2. yoli

      True I agree the shoes do look cheap. But J Lo has money so even if she wore something cheap it will still be recognized.

  1. dee

    I think these boots are ugly. That is the only part of her outfit I don’t like. They look out of place with the rest of her look.

    1. Nat

      I agree. She looks gorgeous. She is glowing and a loved her hair but her shoes are totally off with the outfit.

  2. Nat39

    I think she looks fabulous, and totally rocking the booties, the nice white blouse and blazer tone down the look, and pink and light blue denim go well together.

  3. Ali

    Actually love this look because she looks so fresh and healthy. Those boots are not for the faint hearted but such is the life of a diva.

  4. Jai

    Lol, so true. I would never dream of buying anything like that (and probably hate it if I saw it in a shop) but on J.Lo, it works!

  5. justme

    She looks great from the ankles up. Those boots are ugly.

    I’m always the first to defend popstars wearing leotards on stage but the one Jennifer wore on BGT was just too revealing :/

  6. janet

    i love the boots! she looks fabulous. taking risks and making it your own is what i call style :) not everyone can pull off this look but she can!!!!

    i can relate to her style!!!

  7. Fashonista

    Just like every other celebrity. Once they make it big they forget where they came from. Jeeze a pair of $2,000 shoes. Why don’t she try donating some of her clothes to the less fortunate.

    1. Aiko

      She does a lot of charity works and makes a donation every year! She is proud of where she came from! Now she makes a it big, and she if she wants a pair of Louboutin, she will have it! Eventually, it’s her money, she didn’t steal it from you or anyone else. It’s her right to buy anything what she wants!

  8. Fashion Guru

    Those boots died with second coming of Gaga. I can’t believe anyone in 2013 still think studs are “great way to look edgy.” **Rolls Eyes***

  9. EmmaWoodhouse

    Despise the horrid shoes; the rest would be ok with looser jeans and a cami under the shirt instead of a bra.


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