23.12.08 Best Of

Best Dressed Teen Of 2008 – Selena Gomez

Unlike her contemporaries Selena Gomez was always age appropriate whenever she hit the red carpet.There was never any over-the-top pouting, no 20lbs of weave in her hair, no undesirable choices.She wore not only cute sassy dresses, but also long..

23.12.08 Best Of

Praying For Colour In 2009 – Angelina Jolie

OK she looks awesome in black, especially at when she attended The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button LA premiere recently, but I am so over her in black.When she was a goth it was OK, but she has so moved on from that era in her life.Yes she..

23.12.08 Best Of

Man Of The Year 2008 – David Beckham

Yes I voted David Beckham as Man Of The Year in 2007, and yes you could argue that both Daniel Craig and Will Smith were more worthy of this title, but I would argue that no man, NO MAN wears a suit quite like David Beckham.Whether it is a tux and a..

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22.12.08 Best Of

Entertainer/Risk Taker Of 2008 – Rihanna

Rihanna went from sassy R&B singer, to edgy Rock Chick in a blink of an eye.She started off the year wearing cute Betsey Johnson dresses with Jimmy Choo shoes, but the end of 2008 she was scaring the bejesus out of us, wearing studded and spikey..

22.12.08 Best Of

Most Improved In 2008 – Kim Kardashian

As Andy rightfully said, Kim Kardashian deserves a lot of recognition for her efforts on the red carpet in 2008.We will be hopeful she won't return to her old ways in 2009.Jennifer Rade is a genius stylist for turning Kim Kardashian from a reject on..