Coachella Music Festival 2012

Here is a round up some of the celebrity looks from Coachella Music Festival this weekend.

Katy Perry: The singer has finally ditched the blue hair, this time in favour of purple locks. How she still has a full head of hair I will never know. Her Ashish... Read more...


Vanessa Hudgens @ Coachella Music Festival

Vanessa Hudgens joined in the festivities at the Coachella Music Festival this weekend. She donned three looks inspired by Pocahontas, a look she seems to channel every year for this festival. I would suggest she seek inspiration elsewhere..

Kate Bosworth @ Coachella Music Festival

Kate Bosworth and her stylist worked together on her looks for the Coachella Music Festival which took place in California this weekend. We've already seen what she wore to the Mulberry 'Firepit' party and Mulberry's pool party. Here are the..

Dree Hemingway In Dolce & Gabbana – Mulberry Coachella Pool Party

Dree Hemingway certainly got into the festival spirit at Mulberry’s BBQ Pool party during Coachella on Saturday afternoon. The model wore a Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2012 ensemble. A chilli-print bustier top with decorative flower crystal..


Diane Kruger @ Coachella Music Festival

Many stars attended the Coachella Music Festival this weekend including Diane Kruger. We all know that Diane has impeccable taste on the red carpet, but how does she fare in the desert? On Saturday the German actress wore a Lacoste..
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