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Chloe Moretz for InStyle UK August 2013


Chloe Moretz graces the cover of InStyle UK’s August 2013 issue wearing a Christian Dior Fall 2013 black-and-white-houndstooth and pink-crochet dress.

The 16-year-old actress, who stars in the upcoming movie ‘Carrie’ alongside Hollywood star Julianne Moore, also wears bright-hued looks by Simone Rocha and Jeremy Scott in her editorial.

She talks to the mag about the prospect of falling in love one day, high-powered meetings in Hollywood, her parents’ break up and her mum’s cancer diagnosis.

Here are some extracts from her interview. To read more, head over to

On the prospect of falling in love one day: “You think, ‘Who’s out to deceive me?’ That’s hard. Especially growing up and liking guys and, maybe, ‘Do you want to be in a relationship? Is this person trying to be in my life because I’m famous?’ You can’t just like someone. They might be using you. I talk to Julianne [Moore, her co-star in ‘Carrie’] about it and she says, ‘Look, just be careful. Trust your judgement but don’t get in too deep sometimes.’ Because, you know, when you’re young, you fall in love and don’t know it’s happening.”

On having high-powered meetings in Hollywood: “What have I got to be intimidated about? I talk to Donna [Langley, co-chair of Universal Pictures] or someone like that, and they’re like, ‘We’d love to do stuff with you. I’ll tell you our slate, tell us what you’re interested in.’ …Sometimes they’ll just be, ‘It’s so weird, you are 16 years old. You don’t talk like my kid does.’ And I’m like, ‘Trust me, when I’m with friends I might.’”

On her mum and dad’s break up, and her mum’s cancer diagnosis: “It made me realise, along with everything that happened with my dad, that your parents aren’t these godly figures. They’re not chosen by the heavens. They’re humans. Their bodies can fail and they can die at any moment. They make mistakes. They cry. They fight. It definitely, from a young age, put everything into perspective for me.”

Credit: InStyle UK

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Agyness Deyn For InStyle UK March 2013

Agyness Dean InStyle March 2013

Model turned actress Agyness Deyn covers the March 2013 issue of InStyle UK, which was shot by London-based photographer Rankin, wearing a red-and-white Prada body with matching Chanel shoes.

He also captures the blonde, for now, beauty wearing a 3.1 Phillip Lim plaid dress, and a white Moschino dress with a white felt hat for the rest of her editorial.

Agyness talks to InStyle about the hard transition from model to actress, getting married to actor Giovanni Ribisi and moving to LA.

The March 2013 issue of InStyle UK is out now. Here are some extracts from Agyness’ interview.

On modelling: “For a long time, I was such a nomad. That was my life for so long. Doing shit like that. Being in a hotel, not knowing where you are. You could be in any country…”

On the differences between the worlds of acting and fashion: “I just found that acting is very real for me… rather than projecting something that’s unobtainable.”

On whether she moved to LA to work: “No, I came here for a change. Not really work. It’s just really chilled here.”

On what Giovanni has brought to her life: “I don’t know. I suppose you meet someone and you’re just like… you know. Obviously, if someone’s marrying someone, they’re bringing a lot of really good stuff… So…”

Credit: Rankin/ InStyle

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Gwyneth Paltrow for InStyle UK January 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow graces the January 2013 cover of InStyle UK wearing a Jil Sander Fall 2012 pink cashmere coat and nude dress.

The rest of her editorial, shot by Giampaolo Sgura, sees her wearing stunning couture gowns from Armani Privé and Atelier Versace. That pink Atelier Versace gown most definitely needs a red carpet moment. Don’t you agree?

Designer Diane von Furstenberg, who Gwyn also counts as a friend, conducted the interview.

Gwyn opened up quite a lot as she talked about her hubby Chris Martin, her desire for more babies, plus her diet and exercise regime.

Be sure to pick up a copy of InStyle’s January 2013 issue on Thursday where you can read the full interview. In the meantime check out some extracts below.

On not being able to have it all – and her trying to cut the amount of work she does:
“ I look for an interesting supporting part about once a year. That’s the most I can manage. Some women can do it and that’s fantastic, but I can’t. You make choices as a wife and mother, don’t you? You can’t have it all. I don’t care what it looks like.”

On the success of her relationship:
DVF: Would you say the success of a relationship comes from the fact that you’re not needy?”
GP: “I would say it’s because I focus more on understanding than on being understood.”

On having more children: “My brain says, ‘Oh, I think I’m done, the kids are big now and I don’t want to go back to changing diapers’. But a part of me would love to have another. Of course, I’m old now!”

On the effect her father had on her: “My dad and I had one of those incredibly lucky, love-of-your-life relationships. The main reason I believe in myself comes from my father. I felt so understood by him.”
DVF: “I think if your father makes you confident, you wind up having healthy relationships with men.”
GP: “I agree. I mean, I stumbled a few times in that department. But I feel like I wasn’t struggling to figure out men.”

On her diet / exercise regime: “I was very strict for a while. I was macrobiotic for a couple of years, then I got pregnant and just ate ice cream. What I’ve learnt is I want to enjoy my life and food is a big part of it. I love to cook and feed people. I cook every day. I don’t like sweets. My indulging is a fresh baguette with cheese and a glass of red wine, or French fries and fried zucchini. Or a turkey burger.”

Credit: InStyle / Giampaolo Sgura

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Olivia Palermo For InStyle UK October 2012

Olivia Palermo glams up for the October issue of InStyle UK wearing a floral-print Christian Dior dress styled with DSquared2 sunnies and a Chanel ring on the cover.

Damon Baker captures the 26-year-old socialite-front-rower-model-brand-ambassador-blogger-designer wearing a selection of other floral pieces by Antonio Berardi, McQ Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana.

Olivia dishes about everything from not wanting to be compared to Kim Kardashian, her future business plans, the floral-theme photoshoot and looking her best at all times.

To read the feature in full, see the October issue of InStyle out now.

On not wanting to be compared to Kim Kardashian: “Whatever she’s done, it’s worked, but I do things differently. I’m in fashion. I’m in New York. I’m in London. And I’m in the rest of Europe. She’s LA… Our careers are very different.”

On always looking her best: “I like walking out of the house feeling fully pulled together. It doesn’t matter if there’s someone standing outside my apartment or not. I couldn’t care less. I like getting dressed for me and not them.”

On her floral-themed photo shoot: “This season you’re definitely seeing floral back in trend. Not only have we seen it on the spring runways but we’re also seeing it in fall which is nice and refreshing.”

Credit: Damon Baker/InStyle UK

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Daisy Lowe For InStyle UK September 2012

Daisy Lowe graces the September 2012 issue of InStyle UK magazine.

The 23-year-old British model was captured by Lee Broomfield wearing Prada on the cover. The rest of her editorial sees her wearing Jil Sander, Vivienne Westwood and Moschino.

Daisy dishes on everything from her shoot with Playboy and loving her curves.

On posing for Playboy: “When I got the email with the pictures, I was quite shocked by the last photo and thought, ‘Did they have to show that much of it?’ I was a little freaked out.”

On her curves: “I love eating. I don’t think I’ve ever missed a meal. I’m not built that way and I don’t like watching what I eat. One of life’s finest things is enjoying your food. Of course, there are times when I’ve stood next to models and felt like an elephant, but I’m adamant about the fact that I’m not a big girl, I just have the natural feminine figure. While I appreciate how thin some of the models are – when it’s healthy – and think, ‘Yeah, you’re gorgeous and the clothes hang off you amazingly’, I like to stay strong about how I’m built.”

On living in the moment: “I’m so not a big plan girl. I like going where the wind takes me. I think it’s best not to jinx anything.”

On her career outlook: “If people want to book me, that’s great and if they don’t, that’s cool too.”

Credit: Courtesy of InStyle

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Cameron Diaz for InStyle UK July 2012

Cameron Diaz graces the cover of InStyle UK’s July 2012 issue wearing a baby blue Valentino Couture lace dress.

She talks to the magazine about turning 40 in August, having children plus she shares how Drew Barrymore’s fiancé had to ask for Cameron’s blessing before popping the question.

Her Haute Couture editorial, shot by Liz Collins, sees her wearing Givenchy and Giambattista Valli.

The magazine goes on sale this Thursday. Here are some extracts from her interview.

On turning the big 4-0 in August: “Life gets better as you get older, definitely. I don’t want to be 20! I feel better than ever: stronger, more capable and clearer. I really know myself now.” Read More…

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Eva Green For InStyle UK June 2012

Eva Green appears on the cover for InStyle UK’s June 2012 issue which was shot by Rankin.

The feature is titled ‘White Mischief’ as the ‘Dark Shadows’ actress donned a selection of all white and gold looks by Gucci, Givenchy and Tom Ford.

In her interview she shares that her favourite designers are Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Christian Dior and Antonio Berardi.

I remember that when Eva first burst onto the scene, she was always wearing Dior Couture.

Let’s hope the promo tour for this movie brings out some breathtaking – preferably non-all-black – red-carpet moments from the French actress.

The magazine is on sale now. Click here for a look behind the scenes from the shoot.

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