19.01.12 Beauty, Hair

Nicole Richie’s Golden Globes Ponytail. All Kinds Of EPIC

We said it before, and we’ll say it again—when it comes to beauty with Nicole Richie, she keeps getting better and better. (In fact, it’s been a while since we’ve seen her take a makeup & mane misstep.)

Case in point? Her ultra chic fringed bouffant + ponytail combo at the 2012 Golden Globes ceremony.

How gorgeous was the retro styling there? Jenny Cho, Suave Professionals Stylist and the mastermind behind Richie’s stellar strands, shared with us step-by-step details on how she achieved the look:

Step 1: Start by spraying a dry shampoo directly at your roots near the crown and your hairline, from ear to ear. Brush through your strands to add a bit of volume and texture.

Step 2: Pick up the same section of hair and lightly tease it at the roots to create a bit more volume. Use a boar bristle brush to smooth the hair on the sides and ends. Pin it out of your way.

Step 3: Pull the rest of your hair into a high ponytail, and secure with an elastic.

Step 4: Unpin the front and pick up one side section and wrap it around the base of the ponytail, securing with a bobby pin. Take the opposite side and wrap it around the pony in the opposite direction, and secure with a bobby pin. Finally, take the teased crown section and lightly smooth and brush it back over the entire ponytail to hide the bobby pins.

Step 5: Work a dime-size amount of shine serum into the palms of your hands, and delicately smooth over the ponytail strands to eliminate flyaways. Mist with light hold hairspray and you’re all set. —India-Jewel Jackson

18.01.12 Beauty, Hair

Girls Going Gray—Is It A Good Look?

We’re used to seeing mature women color their hair blond or brunet in an effort to look younger, but it looks as if the opposite trend—sexy silver foxes—is set to pick up momentum.

Following in the slate-stranded footsteps of Lady Gaga, Pixie Geldolf, and Pink, E! Fashion Police host Kelly Osbourne turned up at the 2012 People’s Choice Awards having turned her marvelous mane fully gray (alongside her 60-year-old mother who rocked a rich ‘Rihanna red’ mop-top. Talk about trading places!)

And it isn’t just on the red carpet—lavender- and blue-tinted gray hair has popped up on the runways in recent seasons, namely S/S11 Jean Paul Gaultier, and S/S12 Narcisco Rodriguez.

Thing is, prematurely aging your hair is certainly a way to stand out amongst the crowd… Would you go gray in an effort to keep up with current tress trends? —India-Jewel Jackson

13.01.12 Beauty, Hair

Get Diane Kruger’s Critics’ Choice Awards Look With Frederic Fekkai

INSPIRATION: An effortless yet sexy look. Abergel was inspired by the Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Week runway trends, which showcased hair that was undone and more relaxed.

How to Get the Look: Abergel began by applying Fekkai Oceanique Tousled Wave Spray to wet hair from the roots to the ends. He then rough dried the hair with his hands until it was completely dry, giving the hair a natural and beach-like texture. He avoided using a round brush while drying the hair to prevent giving the style a polished look. Abergel then applied a small amount of Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream throughout the hair to give it separation.

To create the up do, Abergel started by taking the front sections of the hair and twisting them upwards. He then pinned the twists at the back and into place, creating volume in the front. Abergel completed the up-do by dividing the rest of the hair into sections, twisting and pinning the pieces until all of the hair was pinned up. He finished the look by spraying the hair with Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Mist.

All products by Fekkai: Fekkai Oceanique Tousled Wave Spray ($25), Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Cream ($25) and Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Mist ($25)

13.01.12 Beauty, Hair

Beauty Trend Spotting: Ladies Love The Little Longer ‘Lob’

We remember being caught in that awkward stage of growing out a short hair cut, but we don’t remember our locks looking this good during that time.

Now we wish we’d given the lengthened ‘lob’ a go.

Still in the bob family—thanks to the shape of the cut—just a few inches longer, the little longer ‘lob’ is a versatile way of growing your strands gorgeously and gracefully.

Instead of pulling it into a ponytail (like we did on a daily basis), find inspiration in the manes of a few of our favorite celebrities.

Try it blown straight like Emma Stone, choppy and layered like Nicole Richie, full of piece-y texture like Olivia Wilde, big and curly like Julianne Hough, tousled and wavy like Lucy Hale, or sleek and retro like Jessica Chastain.

Just remember to visit your stylist every six weeks to trim your ends and keep the shape of your style sharp! —India-Jewel Jackson

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06.01.12 Beauty, Hair, Makeup

Maybe Rooney Mara Will Usher In A ‘Dark Minimalist’ Red Carpet Revolution?

If her glam squad’s intention is to shock and awe—they’re succeeding. In a good way of course, as Rooney Mara is quickly becoming a breath of fresh beauty air.

Mara exudes this sophisticated, edgy, seriously chic energy brought forth through her amazing red carpet style, complemented by her bare-bones approach to beauty.

Dare we say it—we even fancy the fringe! Yes, it’s harsh, but it happens to be the pièce de résistance that contributes to her successfully standing out in the crowd.

Isn’t it great to see someone not try to be something they’re not?

Everyone can’t be blonde, bubbly, and tanned to perfection; The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo actress takes the road less traveled with her look—and we wish a few more starlets would follow suit.

Who would you like to see tone down their look on the red carpet? —India-Jewel Jackson

03.01.12 Beauty, Hair

Rihanna’s Ringlets—They’re Wrong, Right?

The beautiful You Da One singer cut her post-tour Barbadian vacation short to ring in 2012 in Miami with P. Diddy and pals, rocking a rather questionable ensemble—and an even more questionable hairstyle.

We get that a deep keyhole neckline deserves top billing, but piling dip-dyed corkscrew curls atop of her head wouldn’t have been our go-to style in the slightest.

Why? Three simple reasons.

1) It aged her, especially when paired with a lacy long-sleeved frock that hit below the wrists and the knees—could her overall look been any more matronly?

2) Curly bangs rarely work, particularly those that are sparse and spread far apart on either side of the forehead.

3) High ponytails are best left for the sidewalk, the schoolyard, the sauna, or the sea. (Unless it’s fashioned into a topknot, which we LOVE!)

Is it just us? Or would a low bun have been a far better option?—India-Jewel Jackson

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