June 29, 2017

The Coveted Italian Streetwear Line You Need To Know

Posted by Danielle Combs

Streetwear is quickly approaching a new dawn in the modern fashion era—where burgeoning designers are rising in the ranks to cultivate stellar collections that have currently transfixed the fashion-set.

The latest designer, to peak our interest is Giuliano Calza and his coveted line, GCDS. The Italian streetwear line is the latest installment to cause a fashion frenzy amidst celebrities, models and fashion influencers, including: Kendall Jenner, Sofia Richie, Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin and Caroline Vreeland.

The unique Italian line was birthed in July of 2015 and originated as a line of t-shirts with the GCDS logo emblazoned on various pieces. “We decided to call it God Can’t Destroy Streetwear because it’s expressing something that’s going on,” Calza said. “I started in the field of fashion and everything is going black. It feels like we’re living in an interesting time in fashion, because we see a lot of things going bad—there are too many costs, and brands are not keeping up with the technology. I think kids like us—because I am 28—are more and more into buying something that isn’t forever—and the theme of God is super fun.”

Recently, streetwear has been receiving a couture-inspired makeover from high-end labels like, Vetements and even Chanel. Calza says the rise of streetwear in the high-fashion space is due to the pervasive nature of fast fashion. “People feel like Zara and H&M are taking over everything. Streetwear is something that is still very approachable for people. Even in terms of price, it’s something people can relate to still. They feel like there’s a community behind it. That’s something that Zara and other brands cannot do.”

With the opening of GCDS’s first flagship store in Milan and the line’s debut Spring, Summer 2018 fashion show, Calza is revitalizing how fashion is conceived and worn as fashion-insiders—and cool kids—have been clamoring to purchase GCDS bodysuits, jerseys, slick bomber jackets and notable rhinestone chokers.

You can shop the GCDS at

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