November 5, 2009

Victoria Beckham For Harper’s Bazaar December 2009

Posted by Catherine Kallon

Before you pop out to get your sandwich from Pret A Manger, you should also pick up a copy of Harper’s Bazaar which features Victoria Beckham on the cover.

Victoria Beckham plays the noir heroine caught in sultry reverie in an exclusive fashion shoot for a special double cover December issue.

The critically acclaimed fashion designer, who has wowed the critics and top designers alike with her sexy elegant dresses, unveils an amazingly toned body and tight top knot hairstyle in a 16 page portfolio of sexy, chic photographs.

Photographed by Alexi Lubomirski, Victoria wears a range of seductive yet feminine looks from an Yves Saint Laurent leather bodysuit to her own figure-hugging silk gazar dress.

In the spectacular Harper’s Bazaar cover spread, several famous designers, including Antonio Berardi, Manolo Blahnik and Roberto Cavalli, also give their expert verdicts – all positive – on Victoria’s designs, a further acknowledgment that the industry is taking her seriously as a designer.

In the interview, Victoria also reveals to Harper’s Bazaar the secrets of her remarkable success and why fashion is her true calling . . . .

On staying true to her path: “People never believed the solo singing career, and it wasn’t the real me – I was a little bit lost at the time. I don’t mind making mistakes. I just can’t live with anyone else’s mistakes. I’m a complete control freak. I’m not the easiest person to work with because I’m so passionate and being a working mum, it’s a balancing act.”

On why her customers can rely on her: “I want my customer to be able to rely on me if they like a certain silhouette, moving them slightly each season, but keeping them happy. There’s nothing worse than finding a designer that you like one season, you’re so excited, and then next season they’ve done something different.”

On the stress of showing her first collection to the public: “I felt beyond vulnerable. I’d never known nerves like it in my life. The night before, I got nodules in my throat. I’d never felt such anxiety. I was very aware that people were expecting very short clothes, probably quite revealing, and I really went against that and showed the other side of me.”

On her future as a fashion designer: “I just want to learn as much as I can. I was always pushed into the theatre and dance – it’s just taken me a long time to figure out what I wanted to do.”

On why Emma Watson caught her eye: “So sweet, so true to herself…. There are so many young girls wearing too much make-up, too much hairspray – I find that very dated.”

On positive thinking: “If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.”

On why her seven day a week fitness regime is so important: “I didn’t want to rely on retouching …. I wanted to look at those pictures in 20 years’ time and say, “Wow, look – after three kids – I didn’t look bad.”

What the designers say about Victoria:

Roberto Cavalli – “It’s difficult to create fashion, you can’t just learn it, you have to have fashion in your DNA, and she has it.”

Antonio Berardi – “Women tend to be a lot more practical than male designers, because they know exactly what works for them, but at the same time, she’s different to other female designers because there’s this extreme sense of feminity to what she does – fantasy and reality at the same time.”

Manolo Blahnik – “She’s a creature of today, a total artefact of today. She knows what women want. Her things have created an incredible stir, and in recessionary times, this is so fabulous.”

You can read the full interview in the December issue of Harper’s Bazaar, on sale today.

Photo Credit: Alexi Lubomirski, courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar.

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