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The words ‘subtle’ and ‘restrained’ are definitely not how you’d describe the beautiful creations of Roberto Cavalli.

Signature style: opulent, flamboyant, feminine, powerful and extremely sexy.

Roberto Cavalli loves to embellish and pile on the glitz and glamour to whatever he’s creating. In his vocabulary there are no such words as ‘moderation’, ‘understated’ and ‘plain’. Cavalli’s favourite materials to work with are animal and reptile skins, leather and suede – which he in turn dip-dyes, splatters with crystals or festoons with feathers.

Who loves him?

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is truly AMAZING in this gown from the Fall 2005 collection. She wore this gown to The Skeleton Key Premiere in London.

This is the best dress on this page. She looks just a good if not better than the model which is really rare.

Jennifer Lopez

This dress was taken from the Spring 2007 collection. Jennifer Lopez suits Cavalli’s designs as she embodies his style of being opulent, flamboyant, feminine, powerful and extremely sexy.

Jennifer Lopez does not just wear Cavalli on the red carpet or for photo shoots. Here is Jennifer wear in a thigh bearing mini dress from the Spring 2003 collection for a TV interview.

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton

This dress is from the Spring 2006 collection which both Paris and Nicole wore (while they were enemies) on 2 different photo shoots. Paris’ was for Elle while Nicole posed for another magazine.

Paris Hilton

This Spring 2006 dress deserves to be on the red carpet, but on this occasion it was used for Paris’ Elle photo shoot. It is very cute on Paris.

Trust Paris to choose the only dress in the Spring 2004 collection that was nipple bearing.

This is a great dress, but not on Nicky. Out of the 2 colours of this Spring 2005 flamenco inspired gown, I much prefer the blue, although the pink suits Nicky better.

Christina Aguilera

Christina is Dirrty in 2002 as she attends the VH1 Big in 2002 Awards wearing this Spring 2003 Red leather corset dress.

There were other variations of this dress. One was worn by Natalia Vodianova on the catwalk and the other was worn by Karolina Kurkova at the 2003 show, but I think Christina made the right choice.

“I’m like a bird, I only fly away……” This dress is hilarious but some how it works on Christina.

Here she is at the 2003 VMA’s, wearing this bird inspired dress from the Fall 2003 collection. I actually preferred the baby baby pink long feathered dress but it is not very Christina or Xtina, as she was that the time.

Christina wore this dress to the 2002 VMA’s from the Fall 2002 collection. I like the dress and the way she has accessorized her bracelets, but I hate the hair.

Even though Christina has worn Roberto Cavalli before, I doubt she will wear his designs again after a falling out over fur. She blamed Cavalli for tricking her into wearing fox fur onstage (he was her tour designer in 2006) after the singer received an email from PETA.

Carmen Electra

“Lady in Red” Carmen chose the right colour for her from the Fall 2005 collection. The white dress is too virginal, too bridal. Cameron is a red hot woman and this dress shows that.

Sheryl Crow

This dress is GORGEOUS, the colour, the style, everything about it is beautiful….on the model.

Unfortunately it does NOT work on Sheryl Crow. She probably was at the Spring 2005 fashion show saying “I want that dress”, and when she got it…blah.

She has the body no doubt, but something about it is just wrong….it is the model…? Is she too old to wear this dress…??? I just can’t put my finger on it, but those girls over at Go Fug Yourself believe that the dress belonged to a showgirl at the Tropicana in 1974.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson (or ScarJo as I like to call her) attended the Brit Awards in 2004 in this breath taking dress from the Spring 2004 collection. This is a traffic stopping dress and which only the gorgeous figure of ScarJo can pull off. Britney Spears tried and failed to own this dress the 2004 NRJ Awards.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is wearing this silk Spring 2003 Cavalli gown with a matching nude coloured clutch.

Mischa Barton

This dress from the Spring 2004 collection on Mischa Barton does not wow me like the others, and her shoe choice is hideous. Barton has looked better.

Jessica Simpson

Jesscia Simpson looks cute in this Spring 2004 Cavalli dress. Her shoes are a better choice than on the model in my opinion.

Drew Barrymore

Drew looked amazing in this Spring 2007 halter neck dress for her “Music and Lyrics” Premiere in LA.

Pauline Rubio

Pauline Rubio has a great body. Very few could wear this dress well from the Spring 2007 dress.
Tyra Banks

I do not know who I am more disappointed with. Tyra for wearing this outfit from the Spring 2007 or Cavalli for making it. And in case you were wondering, she also was on the hitlist of those Go Fug Yourself girls.

2007 Grammy Girls

Beyonce Knowles

I love the dress on the model, not I am not loving the way Beyonce is wearing this Fall 2006 dress. I think it is mostly because when she performed in this dress you could see right through it. And also the flower in her hair is hideous.


Ciara like many others wore a Roberto Cavalli dress from the Spring 2007 collection for the Grammy’s. I prefer this dress to Nelly’s below. My immediate reaction is that the dress is way to short, but on further inspection the back is longer than the front.

At least she has great legs to pull it off. This would not suit someone like Britney Spears.

Nelly Furtardo

Oh…would it be bad if I used my “I’m like a bird…” joke twice? OK I won’t use it.

I don’t like this dress, and whenever I don’t like a dress I look to the girls over at Go Fug Yourself to see if it is listed and, yep there she was.

This looks like someone got mad at Nelly and took scissors to the dress, she ran out of time to get a new dress and decided to go out in this dress anyway. This is a shame considering that Spring 2005 was one of Cavalli’s best collections.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has picked Roberto Cavalli to be her personal fashion designer, in her determination to “stand out from the crowd”.

She gave the style guru an exclusive contract to dress her for every occasion, and Cavalli is taking his position very seriously.



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