Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Janelle Monae's Proenza Schouler Contrast Panel T-Shirt

Who: Janelle Monae wearing a Proenza Schouler contrast panel T-shirt
Shop: Farfetch US
Where: ‘Rio 2′ Premiere, Florida

Credit: Getty

Alicia Keys' Proenza Schouler High-Waist Cropped Gaucho Pants

Who: Alicia Keys wearing Proenza Schouler high-waist cropped gaucho pants
Shop: Neiman Marcus
Bergdorf Goodman
Where: Unite4:Humanity Event, California

Credit: Getty

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Reese Witherspoon's Proenza Schouler Two-Tone Leather Sandals And Saint Laurent 'Classic Duffle 6' Leather Bag

Who: Reese Witherspoon wearing Proenza Schouler two-tone leather sandals and Saint Laurent ‘Classic Duffle 6′ leather bag
Shop: Proenza Schouler Sandals
Net-A-Porter US
Net-A-Porter International
Saint Laurent Bag
Net-A-Porter US
Net-A-Porter International
Where: Out & About, LA

Credit: FameFlynet

Jennifer Lawrence's Proenza Schouler Suede-Paneled Belted Crepe Dress And Saint Laurent ‘Janis’ Pumps

Who: Jennifer Lawrence wearing a Proenza Schouler suede-paneled belted crepe dress and Saint Laurent ‘Janis’ pumps
Shop: Proenza Schouler Dress
Net-A-Porter International
Saint Laurent Pumps
Where: ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Rome Film Festival Photocall

Credit: Getty

Scarlett Johansson's Proenza Schouler Cropped Ponte Sweater, Proenza Schouler Tweed Chiffon Flare Skirt And Saint Laurent 'Janis' T-Bar Strap Sandals

Who: Scarlett Johansson wearing a Proenza Schouler cropped ponte sweater, Proenza Schouler tweed chiffon flare skirt and Saint Laurent ‘Janis’ T-bar strap sandals
Shop: Proenza Schouler
Net-A-Porter International
Farfetch US
Proenza Schouler Skirt
Saint Laurent Sandals
Farfetch US
Where: SodaStream Partnership Event, New York

Credit: Getty

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