Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Naomi Watts' Marc Jacobs 'Antonia' Bowling Bag

Who: Naomi Watts carrying a Marc Jacobs ‘Antonia’ bowling bag
Shop: Net-A-Porter US $1,350 (in black) $1,595 (in black) $1,595
Farfetch US (in blue) $1,876.42 (in blue) £1,380.89 / €1,525
Where: Out & About, LA

Credit: FameFlynet

Miley Cyrus' Marc Jacobs Mickey Fitted Sweatshirt

Who: Miley Cyrus wearing a Marc Jacobs ‘Mickey’ fitted sweatshirt
Shop: Matches Fashion Global $1,123
Matches Fashion £725 / €869
Where: Marc Jacobs Fall 2013 show during New York fashion week

Credit: Getty

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Christina Ricci's Saint Laurent 'Tribtoo' Pumps And Marc Jacobs 'The 1984' Satchel

Who: Christina Ricci wearing Saint Laurent ‘Tribtoo’ Pumps and Marc Jacobs ‘The 1984′ Satchel
Shop: Saint Laurent Pumps (in black) $875
Net-A-Porter US $795
Net-A-Porter International £515 / €625
Farfetch US (in nude) $727.57 (in nude) £535.32 / €595
Marc Jacobs Satchel $1,495 / £1,005.71
My $1,450 / £1,065
Farfetch US $1,616.83 £1,069 / €1,309.95 (in black) $1,495 / £946.03 (in black) $1,495 / €1,118.50
Where: Leaving The Sephora Make-Up Forever Event, LA

Credit: FameFlynet

Who: Elizabeth Banks wearing a Marc Jacobs paisley embroidered dress
Shop: US $2,466.11 £1,603.22 / €1,900
Where: Late Show with David Letterman, New York

Credit: FameFlynet

Who: Jessica Alba carrying a Marc Jacobs Antonia leather satchel
Shop: (in red) $2,295 / £1,459
Where: Out & About, New York

Credit: Pacific Coast News

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