Donald Glover In Salvatore Ferragamo & Gucci – Solo: A Star Wars Story Promo Tour

Donald Glover made multiple colourful retro statements during the ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ promo tour.

LA Premiere: There aren’t many who could carry off an open shirt, multiple chains, white shoes and a colourful suit, but Childish Gambino did in Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2018. He made a retro statement at the premiere on Thursday (May 10), joining Emilia Clarke. It has swagger and feels authentic to who he is.

Cannes Film Festival Photocall: He stuck with red trousers at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday (May 15). Those who found the other look too retro will hopefully find favor with this debonair Gucci offering as it has a softer vintage mood. It’s crisp, well put together but not try hardy.

Cannes Film Festival Premiere: Softening things up, he attended the premiere in custom Gucci on Tuesday (May 15) alongside Thandie Newton. Like all the other looks it had a throwback vibe, except there was a distinct prom theme with the powder blue suit, white shoes and daisy boutonniere. Some might be put off, but he looks cool and not contrived in the designer’s playful offering. Dare I say that he carried off the pastel style better than Jared Leto.

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall 2018

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Vanessa Paradis In Chanel – ‘Knife + Heart (Un Couteau Dans Le Coeur)’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere & Photocall

Vanessa Paradis attended the premiere and photocall of her latest film, ‘Knife + Heart (Un Couteau Dans Le Coeur)’ during Cannes Film Festival.

Premiere: Last night (May 17), she dazzled wearing a Chanel gold lame creation which had a Gatsby Le Magnifique feel to it. Vanessa isn’t known for her love for too much detail, so this felt like a leap outside her comfort-zone.

Photocall: Once again, this blue printed Chanel Resort 2019 dress with a cape overlay felt outside the norm for Vanessa. I can’t ever remember her wearing a printed summery dress like this. I think I have become so used to her laid-back style, that I have forgotten a more dresser side to her style.

Chanel Resort 2010
Chanel Resort 2019

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Kristen Stewart In Chanel – ‘Knife + Heart (Un Couteau Dans Le Couer)’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

It would seem that Kristen Stewart didn’t stay long at the amfAR Cannes Gala, as she attended the premiere of ‘Knife + Heart (Un Couteau Dans Le Couer)’ during Cannes Film Festival on Thursday (May 17).

The actress channeled her inner…dare I say? Robert Pattinson wearing a borrowed-from-the-boys Chanel Resort 2018 look.

I love the longer length of her shawl collar blazer, the fact that she wore a blouse (the runway look would work for her in another setting), and how the rocker vibe of her sparkly trousers was translated into her hair.

All in all this felt more Saint Laurent than Chanel.

This may divide people, but I think she totally nailed this look.

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Cate Blanchett In Givenchy Haute Couture – ‘Capharnaum’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

While Kristen Stewart was having fun at the amfAR Gala, Cate Blanchett was still fulfilling her official capacity as jury president at the premiere of ‘Capharnaum’ during Cannes Film Festival this evening (May 17).

As expected, I have loved every look that Cate has presented, but that came to a halt this evening.

My issue with this Givenchy Spring 2018 Haute Couture jumpsuit it that – even with the cascading fan – I’m not getting that grandiose, super woman standing 6ft tall vibe I always get from Cate.

The pinstripes feel almost too formal and the overall look has a stumptifying effect.

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17.05.18 Premiere

Balmain Dresses Stars Of ‘My Profession Is Not Black’ @ Cannes Film Festival

Authors of the book “Noire N’est Pas Mon Métier” (My Profession Is Not Black) attended the documentary ‘s premiere during Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday (May 16).

This doc shows what 16 actresses, including its director Aïssa Maïga, have faced as women of colour working in France’s film industry, from sexism to racism.

This is the second moment of solidarity we have seen at this festival following the protested the festival’s lack of female representation just days before
Olivier Rousteing, the first black head designer of Balmain, was honoured to dress all the women in custom pieces from his Fall 2018 collection.

In an interview with Vogue before the premiere, Olivier said, “I was adopted by a white family. People used to ask my parents how they could adopt a black kid and they would call me a bastard to my face, so I’ve seen racism; I’ve experienced it,” going on to explain that he not only experienced racism as a child but later in his career in fashion, too. He went on to say, “Fashion is all about being modern, but sometimes, it’s not so avant-garde. I think if I were white, some of my design choices might have been taken in a different way. It’s easy for the industry to judge, and some of my choices, let’s say, would have been judged in a different way.”

The designs worn by each actress were all different as he wanted to portray that “being sexy and being glamorous is not for one kind of body type or personality. All of these women are different and some wanted to be very sexy and others wanted to be more covered up. It was about what they wanted and all I asked of them was, ‘What is the gown of your dreams?’”

What a beautiful story, man and group of women.

We salute them all.

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‘Burning (Beoning)’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

The second Wednesday at Cannes Film Festival is always one of the quietest days as celebs gear up for tonight’s amfAR Gala, but there were a few models who turn out for the ‘Burning (Beoning)’ premiere last night (May 16).

Toni Garrn: The model looked breath-taking wearing an Elie Saab Fall 2018 gown. Had it not been for the required Cannes bling – courtesy of Messika – I think that bodice would’ve been considered detail enough.

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16.05.18 Premiere

Celina Jade @ 2018 Cannes Film Festival

Celina Jade has been making the rounds at the Cannes Film Festival, with three red carpets to her name thus far.

‘Everybody Knows (Todos Lo Saben)’ Premiere: On the opening day of Cannes on Tuesday (May 8), Celina wore a designer I’m always intrigued to see on the red carpet with this Stephane Rolland Haute Couture gown. Despite the long train, I’ll have to admit that this particular moment didn’t have the sculptural extravagance and wow factor I had my hopes set on. The platform shoes didn’t really help matters.

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