Manish Arora Fall 2010

Manish Arora’s Fall 2010 presentation was dazzling to say the very least.

This season Manish was inspired by the Art Deco era where the past collides with the future resulting in a kaleidoscopic wave of colour.

The silhouettes were inspired by the 20s and 30s with the emphasis on dropped waists, fitted shapes, detailed shoulder enhancements and draping.

The colour palette included shades of green, purple, black, pinks and blues.

I loved the look with the asymmetrical peplum and the dress which had a patchwork qulited like dress.

Everything sparkled, dazzled and blinged. Even the models wore blinging wigs, if they didn’t have neon coloured wefts in their hair.

If you are thinking that these looks aren’t red carpet ready, Manish’s designs have been worn by Estelle, Rihanna and Katy Perry.

Credit: Vogue


Versus Fall 2010

Versus Fall 2010 continues to go from strength to strength as the younger flirtatious sister of the main Versace brand.

The hemlines continue to be short, but this season we see more of a colour pop.

I loved how the majority of the dresses had a fitted bondage-style bodices with a pleated skirt which fanned out.

These were very much party pieces, but the more wearable looks included a plum velvet jacket, a green velvet blazer, black cigarette pants, leather jackets, an angora cardigan and printed tees for everyday wear.

This collection shows Kane’s edgy side whilst still retaining the sex appear of Versace which I really appreciated from this collection.

The accessories were amazing with lace-up gladiator boots and sandals to bags and cute zippered clutches.

The prints you see on the bag and tees are archived images of Bruce Weber ad campaign images for Versace.

At the end of this video Marco interviews Christopher Kane.


Roberto Cavalli Fall 2010

Before the Roberto Cavalli Fall 2010 presentation, Roberto walked over to Anna Wintour thanked her for attending his show then kissed her hand.

Not many can make Anna Wintour blush, but Roberto Cavalli did.

He then headed to the side of the runway to watch his presentation. I found this surprising, but it makes perfect sense that he view the collection as the buyers and editors do.

I was later informed via twitter (what did we do before twitter?) that Oscar de la Renta has watched his show by the side of the runway too.

Before the presentation I’d wished Cavalli would bring back some of his distinctive animal prints and he didn’t let me down.

Leopard, tiger and cheetah prints were presented, but they were toned down and blended with the collection rather than stood out.

Cavalli concentrated on rich brocade pieces which dominated this collection via coats, pants, jackets and bags.

My favourite piece was the red coat worn by Natasha Poly. It feels like a vintage piece with rich history.

Apart from the brocades we saw velvet, military chic and many boho backless floaty maxi dresses.

Nicole Richie will be first in line to wear those maxi.

This collection was boho-chic in a very modern way, and I totally love every part of the presentation.



Francesco Scognamiglio Fall 2010

Francesco Scognamiglio’s Fall 2010 presentation was very beautiful, elegant, and laced with undeniable glamour in a dark and mysterious way.

I was slightly thrown by the inclusion of pink and mint green, but they provided an interesting pop of colour against the slate grey and black.

Scognamiglio included many great textures of leather, silk, satin, jersey, wool, cashmere, lace, shearling, tweed, and feathers.

We were presented with ace mini dresses, pleated blouses, the high waisted flare pants, a fur coat, draped capes, jumpsuits and mini skirt.

More than half of the collection was accented with a diamond statement belt. One piece had an oversized crystallized hand-belt.

The laser-cut leather dresses seem to be a homage to Alaïa.



Gucci Fall 2010

I throughly enjoyed the Gucci Fall 2010 presentation. I’ll go a far as to say it was Frida Giannini best Gucci collection to-date.

I loved the sensual browns, creams and beige pieces which opened the show, before what felt like the second part of the presentation were the mood soften and the more glamorous pieces were presented.

The collection focused on timeless pieces like wool coats and the perfect pants which were narrow and exquisitely tailored.

These pants were paired with A-line coats, smart blazers and fur jackets.

We are used to many mini dresses from Frida, but on this occasion she ditched ultra short minis opting for a slightly longer length with suede high boots to complete the look.

These dresses were uncomplicated with some backless to add a touch of sex appeal to the look.

Feathers were adorned on many of the pieces in the second part of the collection as worn by Chanel, Freja and the gorgeous Anja.



Moschino Fall 2010

Moschino’s Fall 2010 cowgirl/flamenco presentation was a lot of fun.

The models each wore a black cowboy hat, a black hair ribbon, Victoria Beckham oversized shades, gold hoop earrings and bold red lips.

The styling might seem strange when paired with a pink and red flamenco style skirt, but it put a smile on the face of many of the editors in the front row.

Apart from the ruffled skirts we were presented with Chanel-esqe tweed skirt suits, patent trenches, a gold fringed coat, elbow length gloves, pink bustiers over skirt suits, and LBDs.

Gold details dominated this collection with gold grommets and gold hooped accents adorning the looks.

Some of these details made so much noise they could be heard over the loud music.

I really got excited when I saw the ‘MOSCHINO’ gold belt which Rosella Jardini has brought back, as it took me back my school days when I purchased one thinking it was real. I was duped. It was fake, but I loved it anyway.

Once you get over the styling, you’ll find a lot of wearable pieces in this collection.

Here’s a video of the finale.

Credit: & Catwalking