Runway To Photo Shoot – Lady Gaga In Balmain


This blue sequin one sleeved Balmain Fall 2009 mini dress was so hot model Erin Wasson, I worried she had ruined it for everyone else.

No one will make this dress work, I thought, but I was wrong.

Last week Lady GaGa was on a photo shoot in San Diego wearing the same dress, and she looks absolutely outstanding, proving that the glimmering dress was more mesmerizing than the gorgeous Erin.

GaGa strikes several poses, and has 3 wardrobe changes during the shoot. One leaves very little to the imagination, but we have come to expect from Gaga.

For more pictures from this shoot, check out Faded Youth Blog.

I’m still hoping to see this dress on the red carpet. The first person who pops to mind is Megan Fox.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen World Premiere this June. I see it, do you see it?

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Victoria Beckham’s Brand New Hermes Travel Kelly Bag

Victoria Beckham arrived in New York over the weekend, ahead of her new Emporio Armani ad campaign unveiling at Macy’s in New York, plus she is attending the Costume Institute Gala tonight.

There was a time when I was always excited to see what Victoria wore, but I can’t help be extremely bored by this look.

Firstly because she has worn this look many times before, secondly she used to be an innovator when it came to fashion, what’s with the constant recycling of a look, that has become so tired in a very short space in time?

Thirdly, the large white Hermes Travel Kelly Bag 55cm bag, is not as shocking as it was when her BFF Katie Holmes carried it last year.

Victoria have you become boring and predictable?

Say it ain’t so.

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Best Dressed Of The Week – Miley Cyrus In Herve Leger & Kate Moss In Balmain

Here we have 2 winners wearing very similar dresses.

I kinda knew Miley Cyrus had Best Dressed Of The Week in the bag, the second I saw her wearing her Herve Leger by Max Azria Fall 2009 dress, to her Hannah Montana: The Movie London premiere.

It really was a WOW moment, despite 26% of you believing her dress was inappropriate for a 16 year old.

Kate Moss got my vote wearing a Balmain Fall 2009 dress with sculptured shoulders.

Yes I should have hated the look because of the tights, but this is one of those very rare occasions in which the tights make the look.

Kate showed us how Balmain should be worn, and I hope this scares the pretenders away from trying to own a look, that was pretty much made for Kate.


Runway To "Obsessed" New York Screening – Beyonce Knowles In Balmain

Nope this is not Beyonce Knowles day, but she is making me sigh with a lot of appreciation for her choices lately.

It was the New York screening of her new thriller Obsessed last night, and for once she is going to make Best Dressed of the Week a very difficult choice, and I have NEVER said that about Beyonce.

Beyonce arrived wearing a Balmain Fall 2009 sequined dress, which had pointy neckline. The train was wrapped around her waist, then it cascades down to the ground with dramatic effect from her hips.

When I saw B in this dress, I was happy the hair was sleek and straight, waves or curls would have been too much.

The accessories are none fussy, none blingy, whilst the shoes are patent Louboutin pumps.

I’m totally in love with her here, in case you didn’t pick up on my gushing. ♥

Miley, Kate Beyonce….Hmmm, it’s going to another tough choice this week.

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Runway To "White Light" Unveiling – Kate Moss In Balmain

Oh Kate, how do you make rock chic look so effortlessly easy?

You even look better in this Balmain Fall 2009 silver striped dress, than the model on the runway, and she maybe half your age. *sighs*

Of all the people who have worn Balmain this year, Kate Moss is the archetypal Balmain girl. She edgy, she’s a bit rock n’ roll, plus she has the body and attitude to pull of this futuristic spacey dress, with sculptured shoulders, without looking like a try hard.

Kate Moss arrived at the unveiling of White Light designed by Shaun Leane in London yesterday, looking outstanding. I know a lot of you are O.V.E.R Balmain, but you have to admire how great she looks.

Because my heart is all a flutter, and I want to add Kate to the Best Dressed Of The Week, I’ll ignore those worn out Trib Two’s on her feet.

Her look was compete with a Loree Rodkin bondage ring.

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Who Wore Balmain Better? Celine Dion or Lindsay Lohan

Celine Dion’s tour wardrobe consisted of many pieces from the Balmain Spring 2008 collection.

During her concert in Atlantic City, Celine wore the same tie-dye strapless embellished Balmain dress, which Lindsay Lohan wore to the A/X Watches launch last week.

I wasn’t crazy about Lindsay in this dress, but I love Celine’s accessories and silver strappy sandals, so she wins for me.

Here are the other strapless Balmain dresses Celine had in her tour wardrobe.

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