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Li Yuchun In Gucci – ‘Okja’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

If you thought Li Yuchun never did anything but the androgynous, prepared to be amazed by her Gucci look for the ‘Okja’ Cannes Film Festival premiere this evening (May 19).

I always love seeing the more traditional dresses from the Asian and Indian actresses, so I was delighted to see some tradition steeped into her roaring tiger cheongsam dress.

The detailing is exquisite that oo one can ever say this was too costumey.

One can only imagine how long this took to create.

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Li Yuchun In Ellery – Cannes Film Festival Opening Gala Dinner

Despite her petite frame, Li Yuchun has never been afraid of making a bold statement.

The Chinese megastar changed out of her Maison Margiela Couture look for the Cannes Film Festival opening gala on Wednesday (May 17), into something less costumey.

I love how her Ellery Pre-Fall 2017 look taps into the zeitgeist of the upcoming season with its classic tailoring and extravagant ruffle detailing, and how she kept the flares for a retro, chic touch.

Never one to shy away from over-sized, mannish proportions – if anything she gravitates towards them – I’m sure you’ll view this as a more successful outing than the first.

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Li Yuchun In Maison Margiela Couture – ‘Ismael’s Ghosts’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Li Yuchun was spotted making her way to the 2017 Cannes Film Festival opening ceremony and premiere of ‘Ismael’s Ghosts’ on Wednesday (May 17).

By wearing the Maison Margiela Spring 2017 Couture ensemble exactly as it was presented on the catwalk, she successfully translated its directional mood in absolutely effortless form.

What she accomplished was no small feat for such a uniquely curious look that had designer John Galliano revealing the underworkings and seams of garments—like this white dress shirt—while referencing historic Americana in the re-occurrence of the tall hat.

What I love is that she makes this work without a hint of try-hard. What do you make of the look?

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Gucci Fall 2017 Front Row

The Gucci show was held on Wednesday (February 22) during Milan Fashion Week, where the front row featured three very distinct looks, inspired by the stars who wore them.

Florence Welch: Donning a very ‘Florence’ look, the songstress was at her bohemian best in this multi-printed, floral Gucci gown, styled with embellished booties and rows of rings to further drive home her signature brand of free-spirited romance.

Li Yuchun: Free-spirited went in another direction with this quirky studded ensemble that introduced both feline prowess and feathered birdies to the mix. With the funky shades, it was a look made for Li’s unique pop personality and she had no problem rocking it out.

Salma Hayek: I loved the unabashed prettiness of this Gucci floral-embroidered frock with its micro-pearl scoop neck and velvet bow. It was a darling look for the actress that still maintained a sophisticated edge despite its girly nature. The platform shoes were rather intense, but I’ll choose to ignore them.

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Li Yuchun In Jean Paul Gaultier Couture – ‘The Little Prince’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Li Yuchun In Jean Paul Gaultier Couture - 'The Little Prince' Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Li Yuchun attended the premiere of ‘The Little Prince’ during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival on Friday (May 22) in Cannes, France making her first appearance on the red carpet as a L’Oréal ambassador.

My reaction to this: “YES!” Finally, someone made those Jean Paul Gautier Spring 2015 Couture hybrid pieces work off the runway.

This look isn’t your typical jumpsuit; I love how the piece plays up its formal suiting while still possessing plenty of whimsical sensibility.

Keeping the styling simple and opting for the opera glove so the balance wasn’t thrown off was key to making this look work.

This will rank in my top 5 of the festival and will probably rank quite highly in my BDOTY, despite those darn creases on the trousers.

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