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I’ve been crying out for sexy Cameron Diaz to return to the red carpet and here she is all her splendid glory.

This follows a period when Cameron was gracing the red carpets in Madrid, Berlin and Paris for this movie wearing black blazers and jeans.

The blonde babe took to the red carpet at LA Premiere of her new movie, “The Green Hornet” last night looking drop dead gorgeous.

In the UK they’ve just started showing season 3 of ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’, so I was sure Cameron was going to wear white to this premiere, but she opted for a smoldering scarlet Azzaro ‘Jet Set’ dress.

The one-shoulder knee-length dress is paired with a nude Casadei pumps and a Lana Jewelry gold ‘Blake’ necklace.

I love the waves and the hot pink lips.

Credit: Getty

We have yet another Victoria Beckham WWIB? poll, but this time we have 4 celebs wearing 3 different colours of the same dress.

Cameron Diaz got first dibs on the nude version of this Victoria Beckham Fall 2010 dress which she wore on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” this summer with nude pumps and a gold necklace.

Iman celebrated Essence Magazine’s 40th Anniversary at The NYSE back in August wearing the runway red version of this dress.

Black pumps and a gold belt added some different to her look.

Rosario Dawson opted for the same colour combo as Diaz when she attended Spike TV’s Scream 2010 Awards, but she wore pumps instead of peep-toes.

Yesterday Kim Kardashian promoted the Ultimate Engagement Ring Search For The World’s Best Couple Contest at Brasserie Ruhlmann in New York City.

She wore a ton of make-up and the same Brian Atwood ‘Maniac’ pumps as Rosario, but in black.

Iman wins this by a very long mile for me.

She was the only one to be a bit more creative by adding a belt which makes her stand out from the rest.

Credit:, Rex Features & Getty

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Can someone please bring back the old Cameron Diaz.

The ‘new’ Cameron fails to excite me.

She joined Tom Cruise on the red carpet for the Tokyo Premiere of “Knight And Day” yesterday.

Her Bottega Veneta turtleneck dress has to be the most uninteresting look she’s given us for the promo tour for this movie.

I guess since the movie isn’t doing so well the budget for her red carpet looks has rapidly decreased hence a boring turtleneck dress.

Who wears a turtleneck to a premiere anyway?

The only thing saving this look from putting me in sleeply coma are her Jimmy Choo ‘Lavish’ sandals.

Credit: Getty

As I was putting together this post it suddenly occurred to me that overall Cameron Diaz had a very weak promotional tour style-wise for “Knight & Day”.

The movie was totally unimpressive (my sister warn me not to bother seeing it), but on the red carpet I kinda expect more from Cameron.

Her looks were largely black and white, above the knee and I still can’t get over the Stella McCartney sweater dress for the London premiere.

There just wasn’t enough variation and she didn’t take any risks. Even Jennifer Aniston took risks for The Bounty Hunter.

At a push, my favourite out of these looks were the Victoria Beckham and Vionnet dresses.

Which was yours?

Credit: Rex, INFDaily & Getty

Now this is much more like it.

After failing to hit the spot at the “Knight and Day” London Premiere, Cameron Diaz gets it so very right at the Bordeaux Premiere is France this weekend.

The blonde babe wore a Vionnet Resort 2011 dress with black pumps.

Her white and black silk dress was delightfully short to show of her famous pins.

The ribbon was needed to stop this dress from looking like an oversized tee-shirt, but I wish the two ends had been cleverly hidden at the back.

Black satin Casadei pumps and a gorgeous smile complete the look.

Do you see this as an improvement from the London Premiere?

[nggallery id=616]

Credit: & Getty

When I saw Cameron Diaz on the red carpet with Tom Cruise this evening in London for their “Knight and Day” Premiere my question was, “why are celebs dressing down on the red carpet in London?”

First we had Marion Cotillard wearing a beachy Thakoon dress, now we have Cameron Diaz wearing a sweater dress.

A Stella McCartney sweater dress, but a sweater dress none the less.

And that’s not even the real issue. My issue is we’ve seen Stella McCartney sweater dresses so many times before. This is nothing new.

I don’t like this look from the dress to the peep-toes.

Cameron may have got my vote had she opted for silver strappy sandals, but this gets nil points from me.

What’s next Angelina Jolie arriving on the red carpet for her “Salt” London premiere wearing a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit?

Credit: Getty

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