"Notorious" New York Premiere

You may have noticed that towards the end of 2008, I was making an effort to be nice to Beyonce. She had made a lot of changes – stylewise – so I said to myself that in 2009 I will make a conscious effort to be nice to her.

Well we are 8 days into the New Year, and I will already be breaking my New Years resolution.

WFT is going on here?

Is her colourist still on vacay? Like really.

I don’t have her kind of money, but I would NEVER leave my house with hair like that unless I was going to the salon.

She also making very hard work of this off-the-shoulder olive Donna Karan dress, and her matching sequin wrap.

Lets move onto the make-up. Just look at were her hairline starts and were her foundation is applied. There is at least an inch gap.

Shame on you B, shame on you. The only thing working for me here is the YSL Tribute sandals.

With her hair piled high Angela Bassett looked very elegant in her Pamella Roland Spring 2009 black and silver dot gown.

She was the only one to inject a bit of old fashion glamour to the red carpet at this event.

June Ambrose, the stylish stylist that she is, wore a grey tweed YSL Fall 2008 dress, which had a blue lining. That blue lining worked well with the blue sole of her YSL Trib Two’s. Nice touch.

Is it me or is Ciara almost totally unrecognizable? It appears she has lost a lot of weight, because all I can focus on are her cheek bones.

The singer worked a black leather ensemble with leopard print Louboutin’s.

A furless Mary J Blige walked the red carpet wearing as much tanned leather as she could find in her closet.

Cassie looked supa dupa fly in her cream and black embroidered Givenchy Fall 2008 jacket, with skin-tight black pants and YSL Cut-out platform heels.


02.01.09 In Her Closet

In Beyonce Knowles’ Closet – Chanel & Milly

OK, so it looks like I was not done talking about Beyonce for the day.

Whilst on a much deserved vacation in St Barts, prior to her New Year’s celebrations, Beyonce was seen shopping around town on Monday wearing a white and grey stripped Chanel Resort 2009 dress, with an embellished neckline.

I don’t think I have ever seen a celebrity wear something from the Resort collections whilst actually on vacation.

As you can see, the humidity has really taken a hold of her hair, but she’s on vacation, and the last thing she wants to do is straighten her hair every morning.

Anne Hathaway has also wore this dress, but I didn’t think it was fair to do a comparison.

Maybe on her shopping trip Beyonce picked up this Milly coral print bikini.

B wore her Milly swimsuit, when she was relaxing on a yacht with her husband as they soaked in the Caribbean sun.

She also wore a matching Milly Caftan, whilst going out on jet-ski’s.

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Runway To St. Barts New Year’s Eve Party – Beyonce Knowles In Marc Jacobs

It is rare for me to do two Beyonce posts in one day, but there is nothing much going on today.

I found these candids of Beyonce as she was ringing in the New Year at Nikki Beach restaurant in St. Barts.

The singer is seen here with her husband, who appears be channeling Steve Erkel. Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, LA Reid, and Marc Jacobs were also there.

Beyonce, with her hair frizzy from the sea air, wore a black embellished Marc Jacobs Resort 2009 tulip wrap dress, with three-quarter length sleeves and a black sash at the waist.


Beyonce Knowles For Elle US January 2009

Beyonce Knowles had a lot of covers during 2008 and it looks like it will not stop in 2009, as she graces the cover of Elle US January 2009.

The singer/actress looks slightly over-airbrushed on the cover, wearing a purple Emporio Armani one-shoulder dress with a Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 metallic sash tied to the waist.

On her relationship with Jay-Z: “It’s a power struggle. But if I didn’t respect someone and they didn’t have that strength, then I would be bored. I wouldn’t be attracted to them.”

On her life: “There are a lot of things I never did, because I believe in watching those true Hollywood stories and I see how easy it is to lose track of your life. Think about Marilyn Monroe.”

On having a baby: “No way! I’m terrified of delivering a child because I saw my nephew being born. That traumatized me. I’m only 27. I’ve got time.”

On being affected by playing Etta James: “My mom had to leave the set. I don’t normally curse. Maybe twice a year. I have to be really livid. Somebody saying things or scheduling something where I’m not in control. It was freeing, but it was also the most emotionally draining time of my life. Every day I would come home; my eyes would be completely swollen.”

Tina on Sasha Fierce: “Her cousin Angie gave her that name. We’d tease Beyonce about having a split personality. Me and Angie and Ty, her stylist, would work with her doing a quick change when she’d come off the stage between sets. Beyone would start screaming, “What’s wrong with you? Where’s my shoe?” Uh oh, we’d say, “Sasha is here.” I’m like, This is some crazy person who’s doing this quick change. She’s another person up there. We don’t take it personally. Sasha is her bragging side I don’t know whether to say it, but her hip-hop side.”

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22.12.08 Best Of

One To Watch In 2009 – Beyonce Knowles

I think the majority of us were surprised by the improvement of Beyonce Knowles this year style-wise. This I would like to attribute this to her getting married, and feeling more in control of her style.

Not only did she improve on the red carpet, but in her stage costumes and her day to day style.

She does take two steps forward with the occasional one step back, but will she continue to improve, or will she return to the bling?

Blake Lively was the one to watch in 2008, and we all know what a disaster that turned out to be.

Fingers crossed.