Nicole Richie’s Ground Hog Day

Yesterday Nicole Richie arrived at traffic school classes in LA wearing the exact same outfit she had worn twice before to the same location.

She wore ray ban aviator sunglasses, a Hudson denim jacket, a floral print dress, black tights and Balenciaga bag.

I used to love play spot the difference.

The differences I spotted were that her scarf is tied differently and her jacket is button different in all 3 pictures.

Her bag is carried on the opposite arm in the last 2 pictures. Her hair is lighter – but that could just be the sun – and she’s carrying a coffee in the last picture.

Can you spot any other differences?

Scarf and tights in June. *baffled*

Credit: Fame Pictures

When Celebrities Wear The Same Thing Twice – Alexa Chung In Marc by Marc Jacobs

She maybe afraid to wash her hair, but Alexa Chung is not afraid to wear the same thing twice.

A year ago Alexa attended a screening of “Leon” at Somerset House in London wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs ‘Off The Deep End’ T-shirt with H&M navy satin shorts, a striped grey/black Sonia by Sonia Rykiel striped cardigan and black John Fluevog Darjeeling pumps.

Yesterday on her “It’s On With Alexa Chung” show she wore the same tee, paired with a black and white ikat print mini skirt and black sandals.

I loved how she wore her tee the first time around with one-tone hair and cute shorts. This was at a time when I really liked her style.

Back there is was thrown together with consideration, now at times it feels like she’s still suffering from from jet lag.

Credit: London Features, & Wireimage

When Stars Wear The Same Look Twice – Victoria Beckham In Balmain, Stella McCartney & Loewe

Victoria Beckham what’s happened to you?

Yes she is known for wearing the same outfit more than once, but never within such a short space of time, and never the entire look.

The airport used to be her playground, due to the fact that so many restaurant she frequents in LA have underground parking.

This for me is further proof that she has lost her mojo. Hate me all you want for this statement, but no one is more disappointed/devastated than me.

The only thing that differs from her May 3 look, to her May 14 look is that today she wasn’t carrying her black crocodile Valextra bag, nor was she wearing her sunglasses.

The black leather Balmain jacket, the white Kelly Travel bag, Loewe hat, Christian Louboutin heels, and even her Stella McCartney Ankle zip skinny jeans are the same.

Too much like a uniform for my liking.

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When Stars Wear The Same Thing Twice – Fergie In Gucci

It looks like the Credit Crunch is affecting us all.

Fergie performed at the Palazzo in Las Vegas last night wearing the same black, gold and magenta printed Gucci Fall 2008 dress, which she wore when she performed at the Fashion Rocks event back in September.

She even wore the same black leather Gucci Devendra Mid-Heel Boots.

The only differences are that her hair is straighter the second time around, and she wore the dress with a black sash the first time around.

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