When Bad Clothes (& Make-Up) Happen To Good People – Leighton Meester

Some of you weren’t surprised at Sharon Stone’s crazy red carpet look yesterday, but NONE of you would have predicted Leighton Meester would fall so highly from her pedestal.

Leighton wore crazy coloured pants, studded booties, a brown belt, and a vest when she performed five songs at the “American Eagle Outfitters” flagship store party in New York this week.

In her constant effort to distance herself from Blair Waldorf her style team have taken things way too far.

You’ve heard of drunk dialing, this is drunk styling at its very worst.

Are they trying to create a new Lady GaGa with this crazy styling, or are they just trying to distract us from Leighton’s “singing” abilities?

Either way it has to stop.

I did like the leather Paule Ka Fall 2009 plunging dress which she paired with Nicholas Kirkwood python cut-out platform heels and a gold Herve Leger clutch when she arrived at this event.

But the make-up…tragic.

Credit: Paule Ka & Rex Features