Oscar 2008 Trends – Black Magic

Black on the red carpet can tend to be a bit boring, as it is considered the “safe” option.

Tilda Swinton on armed Lanvin dress, Hilary Swank embellished Versace dress, Penelope Cruz’ Chanel feathered dress and Kristin Chenoweth rose underly Armani Prive dresses were not “safe”options, but Ellen Page and Lauren Linney’s were.


Oscar 2008 Trends – Strapless

Despite the rain, most of the women on the red carpet went strapless at the Oscars.

Kristin Chenoweth was by far my favourite with the sexy sweetheart neckline, but Cameron Diaz, Keisha Whitaker, Penelople Cruz and Renee Zellweger all looked amazing.


SAG Award Trends – Strapless

By far the biggest trend of last night at the SAG Awards were the strapless gowns and dresses.

Despite the rain in LA, many ladies bared their shoulders. Some got is so right like Amanda Bynes, Nicolette Sheridan, Kyra Sedgwick, Ana Ortiz and Ellen Pompeo.

And others got is hideously wrong like Cate Blanchett, Angelina Jolie and Rebecca Romijn.


SAG Award Trends – Not So Moody Blues

Amanda Bynes, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Marcia Cross all opted for teal blues.

Kyra Sedgwick and Nikki Blonsky went for cobalt blues and Andrea Bowen and Jenna Fischer chose deeper blues.

I adored the teal blues, Amanda, Jamie and Marcia all looked fantastic.


SAG Award Trends – Ice Whites

Eva Longoria , Ashley Tisdale, Brittany Snow, Christina Applegate, Becki Newton and Teri Hatcher, all wore ice white dresses with sparkling embellishments.

Out of this group, Eva and Christina particularly stand out for me, although Eva’s dress is much better from the back.