Red Carpet Trends – Christian Louboutin Pharaon Clutch

The Jimmy Choo Kase Oval Clutch has been a celeb favourite for over a year now but it has some competition from the Christian Louboutin Pharaon clutch, which is the current red carpet favourite.

It has been carried by Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Zoe Saldana, Heidi Klum, and Rachel McAdams to many fabulous red carpet events in black, cherry red and acid yellow.

The stunning Christian Louboutin Pharaon clutch from the Spring 2009 collection features an origami style flap closure with the signature red lining.

It’s the perfect statement clutch.

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Red Carpet Trends – White Pant Suits

Either it’s the summer sun or these ladies were all inspired by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, as suddenly white pant suits are popping up frequently on the red carpet.

The trend is even spreading to nuptials as the now Mrs Boris Becker got married in a white suit this weekend.

Despite my instincts that a white suit will get dirty there’s something rather chic and dazzling about this trend.

Jenny McCarthy and Malin Ackerman’s looks are almost identical with the white suit, ice blue top combo.

Annette Bening and Kate Hudson committed fully to the all white look.  Annette opted for a super dazzling white suit with a white tee, whilst Kate Hudson who likes to flash a bit of skin on the red carpet opted for a demure elegant Stella McCartney suit including a white shirt.

Jenny is the only one who opted for a white accessories with a white clutch.

This current trend is refreshing.

A white suit is a great head turner at a formal evening event, summer wedding or a trip to the tropics…but please do not expect to keep it clean for long.

Carry a mini bottle of stain remover in your clutch. Just in case.

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Costume Institute Gala Trends – Golden Girls

When I refer to golden girls, I am not talking about Jessica Biel’s, Victoria Beckham’s or Blake Lively’s tans, but the golden dresses that glisten on the red carpet at the Costume Institute Gala.

The two Kate’s owned their hot metallics looks, and Hudson was the only non model of this bunch, to pick this colour.

This colour adds instance glamour, not that any of these girls need it.


Costume Institute Gala Trends – Bold Blues

The colour of the night was definitely blue. In every shade from navy, to cerulean, to teal, to aqua.

Donatella Versace was the biggest champion of this colour, dressing Gisele Bundchen, Cindy Crawford, Blake Lively and herself in this trend popping hue.


Costume Institute Gala Trends – Dramatic Trains

The biggest show stopper of Monday nights Costume Institute Gala were the dramatic trains.

Watching them glide down the red carpet so elegantly, is like watching a swan glide over a lake.

The downside for the wearer is that they were no doubt stepped on, possibly torn, and carried, but that stress was masked by these elegant beauties.

Kate Beckinsale’s gown is even beautiful in the full-length shot.


Red Carpet Trend – Oversized Boyfriend Blazers

Yves Saint Laurent pioneered men’s suit in women’s cuts, and the look has been recreated many times over the past fifty years.

In the 80s the trend was oversized. Like all trends, they come back around, and this is the case for the oversized Boyfriend blazer.

Stella MCartney featured many on her Spring 2009 runway, as did many other designers.

This trend has caught on very quickly because it’s extremely flattering to the wearer, and goes with everything. It can dress up shorts and pants, or it can add an edge to a cute flirty dress.

Celebs are really embracing this trend on the red carpet. We’ve seen these ladies wear their Boyfriend blazers mostly over dresses.

You can work this trend with 3 different price points.

Topshop Boyfriend Blazer £55
William Rast at Nordstrom $177.90
Acne Jeans New Standard Blazer at eLuxury $599

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Red Carpet Trend – Nude Heels

As summer’s just around the corner, we are seeing more and more nude heels on the red carpet.

Pumps, pointy courts, peep-toes and strappy sandals have all been spotted.

The reason they are loved by so many, is because once you match a shade close to your skin tone, the shoe can make your legs look longer.

Nude heels go with absolutely everything. Many celebs are thinking out of the box and wearing nude heels with many colours, whilst some are sticking to safe black, using the heels to inject a dash of colour.

We have recently seen Taraji P. Henson, Rose Byrne, Scarlett Johansson and Nicole Richie sport this trend.

You can go nude with these 3 options below:

Topshop £60
Jimmy Choo £363
Lanvin at Matches Fashion £778.