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15.12.10 Interview

Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman Describe The ‘Marchesa’ Woman

As you all know I am a huge fan of the amazing dresses and gowns created by Keren Craig and Georgina Chapman of Marchesa.

I was honoured to have the opportunity to interview them recently.

They described the ‘Marchesa’ woman, how they work together, their design principles and I tried to find out what has been their favourite Marchesa red carpet moment.

How would you describe the typical ‘Marchesa’ Woman?
The Marchesa woman is feminine, confident and sophisticated. She is someone who embodies a true sense of identity. She enjoys the transformative power of eveningwear and is not dictated by trends.

How do you – Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig – collaborate when designing a collection?
We work very closely together and feed off each other’s creativity.

What are your basic design principles?
Drama, femininity, and embellishment are some of the signature Marchesa elements, but we never limit ourselves.Read More…

28.09.09 Interview

My Interview With Donatella Versace

After the Versace Spring 2010 show I went backstage to speak to Donatella Versace.

She was very happy and excited about her presentation.

It was the same kind of excitement I would expect to see from someone presenting their first collection, so it was great to see that enthusiasm for what you are passionate for never dies.

I was dying to know what was her inspiration behind the collection and the reason why she always modifies her runway pieces when she wears then.

“My body is not a models body, I like to dress for my body.” Which I had always assumed.

Donatella told me that for her Spring 2010 collection she was inspired by Tim Burton’s upcoming film version of Alice in Wonderland.

“I loved the colours, the patterns. It’s how I see Alice in the Versace world, with the fairytale and the prince.”

“I used all the Versace elegance in a modern way, and tried to evoke emotion, because passion is love.”

Later on that evening I was invited to the Versace after show party which was held at the Versace residence.

It was there I saw Janet Jackson with Jermaine Dupri -yes I guess they are back together- and my other heroine Pat MCGrath who is such a sweet person.

Click here to see some pictures from the party.

Credit: Style.com

22.09.09 Interview

My Interview With Antonio Berardi

After the Antonio Berardi Spring 2010 presentation I went backstage to meet the designer.

He seemed very relaxed sipping on his Peroni beer as he was interviewed by several people before me.

In between interviews many people would give him a congratulatory hugs and kisses.

There were many kids backstage, who I guessed were family. These wide-eyed kids were totally in awe of Berardi, it was very touching to see.

Maybe he has inspired them to be designers of the future.

It’s obvious the type of woman Berardi designs for, but I wanted to hear him describe ‘her’ in his own words.

“She’s sexy and sensual and she’s feminine and at the same time she wears the pants.”

“I come from a Sicilian background and the women are ultra feminine, but at the same time they are strong. I like strong women, I like women who are in control. I like women with power and sense of humour and a sense of themselves.”

For this collection Berardi started off looking at underwear, and under dressing. He had an idea that if it was nude, it would be three dimensional as he wanted the pieces to feel exquisite, but at the same time he wanted the collection to still feel powerful.

As a result the tailoring is much stronger.

With regards to showing in London next season Berardi is unsure, as his return to London was very much a last minute decision and only possible with the help of Peroni.

Berardi gave thanks to the British Fashion Council for inviting him to show in London, the British press and celebrities wearing his clothes who he said, “let the world know I exist.”

With regards to Megan Fox wearing two of his pieces back to back he said, “I love her because she is the new Angelina. She’s hot, she’s strong and she’s sexy and I like that.”

Credit: Style.com & Wireimage

21.09.09 Interview

My Interview With Becki Newton Backstage @ Brian Reyes

Backstage at the Brian Reyes Spring 2010 presentation I introduced myself to Becki Newton.

Her eyes widen as she asked “You’re the one who shows everyone one the red carpet That’s you? Oh my god.”

I started to search through my memory bank wondering if I had said anything bad about Becki, but I assured myself that I hadn’t and she continued, “Oh my god, you do such a great job.”

She introduced me to her stylist Annie, who also works at Elle, as Becki informed me that she introduced Annie to my blog. Annie told me that everyone in her office reads my blog.

Wow. My mind was blown. It was a real OMG moment.

Becki had said to Annie that my blog is a good way of tracking what everyone else is wearing.

Just when I thought she couldn’t compliment me anymore Becki said, “We love you. Do you understand that it’s the go to reference, you do an absolutely great job.”

“It’s dignified, but it still has humour which I really like because it’s funny, you don’t take it too seriously.”

With a twinkle in her eye she said, “Even when you’re not feeling it, you’re usually right…even when it’s me, so great job.

Read More…

26.05.09 Interview

My Interview With Elie Saab

A few weeks ago, I interviewed Mr Elie Saab.

It’s stunning Couture gowns, like the ones he creates, which inspired me to start this blog.

The Lebanese designer most recently dressed Robin Wright Penn and Elsa Pataky for Cannes Film Festival, and continues to dress some of the most glamourous women in the world.

How would you describe the ‘Elie Saab’ Woman?
Elegant and glamorous.

What are your basic design principles?
To get the right cut of dress in order to highlight the woman’s figure at best, the woman should wear the dress and not the dress wears her.

Where do you seek inspiration?
It depends, anywhere I feel it, it could be a trip I make, an era in time, a movie..really anything can inspire me.

Do you have a muse?
Always the woman, an elegant woman with character.

Read More…