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Best Brand Ambassador 2014 – Keira Knightley for Chanel

Best Brand Ambassador 2014 - Keira Knightley for Chanel

Keira Knightley is your Best Brand Ambassador 2014 for Chanel.

With Jennifer Lawrence raising eyebrows on countless occasions for her Christian Dior affiliation, it likely comes as little surprise that Keira was selected as the superior ambassador.

Her classic, Audrey Hepburn-esque style mixed with a contemporary, bohemian flair and the occasional tomboyish mood makes her a good model (most of the time) for the revered design house.

While she by no means exclusively wears Chanel, she does wear the label well, as can be seen in such ensembles as a playfully printed frock, flipped at the hem, and a sophisticated and smart, black-and-white dress donned at the Chanel Fall 2014 show—paired with gold pumps, no less. A whimsically embellished chiffon gown, which she debuted at the Serpentine Gallery Summer Party, really channeled that boho side.

But perhaps one of her most gorgeous Chanel statements was at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of ‘The Imitation Game,’ where she stunned in an enchanted, off-white neoprene embroidered dress with a silk tulle skirt. This is what a brand ambassador looks like.

Runner Up: Victoria Beckham for Victoria Beckham

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24.12.14 Best Of

Film Festival Queen 2014 – Blake Lively

Film Festival Queen 2014 - Blake Lively

Blake Lively already been crowned the queen of maternity style, and she has the good fortune of being one-half of the stylish best-dressed couple. But, the best things come in threes, and so do her Best Of honours, as the actress is also your Film Festival Queen of 2014.

Her classic, old-Hollywood style, meshed with a sexy-contemporary edge, is tailor-made for the festival red carpet, especially the Cannes Film Festival, which she took by storm.

She owned the scene at Cannes—she was on fire from the start.

After debuting a rich burgundy Gucci Première full pleated gown, she could have simply gone home so swoon-worthy and sultry was that dress. But, instead, she stayed and gave us look after head-turning look.

In full blonde bombshell mode at the ‘Mr. Turner’ premiere, she shut down the carpet again in a Chanel Spring 2014 Couture iridescent, sequin frock accessorized by a silk shawl.

For her dramatic finale, she was the epitome of regality in her vintage-inspired Gucci Première black-and-white ball gown that received top billing at the ‘Captives’ premiere. Even though she was just there to support husband Ryan Reynolds, all eyes were once again fixed on her.

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Fashion Rebel 2014 – Rihanna

Fashion Rebel 2014 - Rihanna

She’s provocative. She’s brash. She’s bold. And she’s completely unapologetic. All of which makes Rihanna the perfect recipient for our Fashion Rebel nod, a newly added Best Of award for 2014.

Rihanna has been pushing the envelope and colouring outside the lines for awhile now, but this past year may have claimed her most memorably daring ensembles yet. Breaking all the rules, she marched to her own uber-sexy beat, showing off her attitude and assets, often with as little fabric as humanly possible.

She rocked a risqué Tom Ford white gown at the amfAR L.A. Inspiration Gala with strategically placed purple embellishments. A Stella McCartney oversized tuxedo blazer—and nothing else—was her look du jour at the British Fashion Awards.

Yet none of her rebel wardrobe could have prepared us for that gown at the CFDA Fashion Awards—you know the one. The sparkling, sheer Adam Selman fishnet dress was one Swarovski crystal away from total nakedness, but we’d expect nothing less from our resident fashion rebel. Her gothic-punk, black sheer lace Givenchy Couture number at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, worn with a green pout, was tame in comparison but no less unorthodox.

It’s not that she didn’t have plenty more modest, at least on her terms, outings. But they still had every bit of Rihanna’s signature sexed-up, rebel edge—just without so much skin. Sometimes even rebels have a softer side, after all.

Runner Up: Jena Malone

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Best Dressed Male 2014 – Eddie Redmayne

Best Dressed Male 2014 – Eddie Redmayne

Eddie Redmayne has done it again. The British cutie is three for three the past three years as your best-dressed man around. However, let’s face it, when he clenched the Best Dressed Male 2013, we were already anticipating he’d keep his winning streak going strong in 2014.

Of course, it doesn’t take much to make this boyish-handsome hotshot stand out among the rest. But he’s really upped the stakes this past year while playing the fashion game.

Flashing an impish grin at every turn, he’s a walking billboard for the power of a Burberry Prorsum slim-fit suit and the strength of a well-tailored Tom Ford satin-lapel tux.

But, in addition to his sharp-as-a-tack looks, what’s really swoon-worthy is the actor’s continued fearlessness when it comes to colour combinations, sporting every shade from burgundy to midnight blue and bright teal. His recent Hardy Ames navy plaid suit at the London premiere of ‘The Theory of Everything’ couldn’t have been smarter if it tried.

Oh, and he’s also now fully mastered the art of the pose, always striking his signature lean-left or lean-right stance, which only adds another note of swagger to his style.

With impeccable tailoring, interesting colours, and undeniably good looks all on his side, he’s a triple threat. Will any other well-dressed male ever stand a chance?

Runner Up: David Beckham

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Best Maternity Style 2014 – Blake Lively

Best Maternity Style 2014 - Blake Lively
Gorgeous mother-to-be Blake Lively is the inaugural winner of the new Best Maternity Style nod, and she’s so far done justice to the award with her curve-enhancing wardrobe.

The actress has always been a fashion-girl since her ‘Gossip Girl’ days. She favours strong, independent statements that are classically elegant with a contemporary, free-spirited spin—looks that have already garnered her recognition as one-half of the best-dressed couple of 2014 with her handsome hubby, Ryan Reynolds.

And, her sense of style has transitioned perfectly with her burgeoning baby bump. She kicked off her first public maternity appearance in fine form, showing her softer side in a Michael Kors oleander and lilac embroidered gown at the God’s Love We Deliver Golden Heart Awards.

While she was likewise the epitome of sultry elegance in all-black Kaufmanfranco gown, her most pivotal moment thus far has been a pale-yellow Gucci gown with an embroidered plunge neckline at the Angel Ball; it maintained a beautiful balance between hot-mama sexiness and all-out sophistication.

Plus, there’s sure to be a few more modish maternity moments left from Blake before she and Ryan welcome their new little one, who will no doubt be just as stylish as his/her mom and dad.

Runner Up: Zoe Saldana

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