22.12.17 Best Of

Most Underrated – Mandy Moore

I’m always rooting for the underdog, and in 2017, she was none other than Mandy Moore.

The actress may have garnered her fair share of attention for her role in the TV series that has captured many people’s hearts, ‘This Is Us.’ But, I would say that her style had just as much of a breakout role.

Mandy was on a chic streak that knew no end, yet somehow she—and her strong statement looks—seemed to slide right under the radar.

I, for one, loved watching her transition between her hyper-girlish, lady-like frocks, to impossibly sleek glamour gowns, to experimental, edgy offerings and then back all over again.

Sure, there were a few more questionable looks in the mix, as she stepped outside the romance of classic femininity into more uncharted territory. But, then again, can we really fault her for experimenting and never staying on one note?

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22.12.17 Best Of

Most Worn Brand 2017 – Christian Dior & Trend of 2017 – Dior’s Logo Underwear

It should probably come as little surprise that the Christian Dior label covered the silhouettes of the most celebrities this year.

Red-carpet beauties were clearly drawn to the brand’s distinct form of sensually edgy sophistication that characterizes a new era under artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri

Bombshell blondes the likes of Diane Kruger, Margot Robbie, and Charlize Theron all proved to be consummate Dior darlings—along with countless other Hollywood cool girls.

And, they all served up Dior’s sassy—sometimes daring—but always dazzling takes on femininity.

This naturally leads us to the next point, which is the Trend of 2017, also belonging to Dior.

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21.12.17 Best Of

Vote Now For Your Best Dressed Of The Year 2017

There is still time to vote on Best Dressed Of The Year poll, so if you want to add Zendaya’s amazing Moschino dress do it now.

Due to computer issues (it’s taken a bit of a hammering this year) the poll will now close on Friday, so VOTE NOW.

Once I have complied your votes, the top 10 will be announced either on Friday or Saturday.

You can also vote for your Best Designer, Best Promo Tour Star of 2017 and many more.


19.12.17 Best Of

Red Carpet Fashion Awards: Best Of 2017

It’s that time of year again for me to ask you to look back over 2017 and get voting for your Best Designer, Best Promo Tour Star of 2017 and many more from this very busy year.

CLICK HERE To Vote Now. We’ll close the poll on Thursday.