20.12.07 Best Of

Best Maternity Style – Halle Berry

When Halle Berry announced she was pregnant, she also announced that she was not going to wear maternity clothes.

In an interview she said, “I refuse to wear maternity clothes. I have great designer friends who can make great stuff for me. But maybe when I’m 9 months I’ll have to”.

She has kept to her word, and all is good so far. Her best maternity look was the stunning electric blue Versace haltered gown she wore to the London premiere of “Things We Lost in the Fire”.


20.12.07 Best Of

Best Style Makeover Of 2007 – Rihanna

Rihanna started the year off as a shy girl, without many appearances on the red carpet, then……..“Umberella Ella ella eh eh”, played on our airways and not only did we see a new ‘do on Rihanna, we also saw a transformation as the ‘good girl went bad’.

For me bad was in good, because she started to lose the standard red carpet clothes which were replace with a style that had more of an edge and sophistication.

My favourite Rihanna dresses this year were the Gucci dress she wore to the Nickelodeon Awards and the stunning white Herve Leger dress she wore to the BET Awards.


20.12.07 Best Of

One To Watch In 2008 – Blake Lively

Blake Lively came to my attention recently, despite her first red carpet appearance being at the Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards back in 2005.

What I noticed was her style is evolving very quickly. Some stars like Katie Holmes took years to get to were she is now, but Blake is already looking like a veteran.

I will be keeping a close eye on her in 2008.


20.12.07 Best Of

2007’s Must Have Celebrity Accessory – The Louis Vuitton Leopard Scarf

Last year the must have celebrity accessory was the red leopard print cashmere scarf from Louis Vuitton.

This year Louis Vuitton created the same overwhelming demand for a brown version of the scarf.

Particular lovers of this scarf were Sarah Jessica Parker, Sienna Miller, Sophie Dahl, Sofia Coppala, Kate Moss, Jessica Biel and Keira Knightley.

When this scarf sold out in the UK, women traveled to Paris to purchase this scarf.

To be admired no?

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20.12.07 Best Of

Most Copied Hair Cut Of 2007 – The Pob

I don’t care what any of them say, they all copied the Pob (Posh Bob) from Victoria Beckham.

Although the bob cut has been around for many years and will always be a timeless look, the Pob took this hairstyle to an exciting new level with its asymmetrical twist.

Victoria told Harper’s Bazaar Australia, “I got sick of those bloody hair extensions.” She even went onto say that they were passion killers.

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20.12.07 Best Of

Model Of The Year – Agyness Deyn

British model Agyness Deyn is trying to take over from Linda Evangelista, in terms of how many different hair colours she can have during Fashion Week. During the Spring 2008 shows I counted 4 different changes.

Agyness was one of the most booked models for Fashion Week and she also opened and closed many shows, which for a model is a big deal.

Her activities were not just on the runway, she also appeared in campaigns for Burberry, Galliano by John Galliano, Armani Cruise, Jeans and their Fall 07 campaign.