Taylor Swift In Topshop – Out In New York City

Taylor Swift In Topshop - Out In New York City

As you know, I am a huge fan of prints, with my motto being the brighter the better; plus, I love the ease of a jumpsuit/romper.

Taylor Swift incorporated both, wearing a collared Topshop floral-print romper while leaving the gym in New York City on Wednesday (July 2).

Emphasizing the yellow hue on the all-in-one, she styled the look with saffron Gucci pumps, and the same Dolce & Gabbana bag she had carried to the gym the day before.

I would’ve opted for a thinner belt, but once again this is a look I would rock from head to toe.

While her red carpet style is predictably heavily embellished princess gowns, her street style is very varied.

Do you prefer Taylor’s street style over her red carpet style?

You can buy Taylor’s Topshop ‘Aloha’ Floral Print Romper from Nordstrom.

Credit: AKM-GSI & FameFlynet

20 thoughts on “Taylor Swift In Topshop – Out In New York City

  1. Alina

    It’s a great outfit; I just don’t understand how she can look like this after working out at the gym.

  2. dressaddict

    I wanted to point out the exact thing: what a difference between this daywear retro look and the heavily embellished gowns she wears on thye red carpet!

  3. fatima

    Why can’t we buy this cute and elegant version as opposed to the trashy looking one offered on Nordstrom? It’s not fair.

      1. fatima

        It would be near impossible to wear Nordstrom’s version without your bra showing. That makes it trashy. And the color and pattern isn’t as vibrant as Taylor’s, which makes it look cheap and tacky.

        1. SilentVisitor

          Still doesn’t make it trashy. The romper looks like it is for those with small bust. Moreover, the color or whatever might just be due the fact that the pictures are taken in completely different contexts!!! Apparently tacky and trashy are some of the latest buzzwords

    1. kane

      I certainly wouldn’t call it trashy, but I do prefer Taylor’s version as more mature and sophisticated as well. The shoes are a nice touch, but this gym run look is ridiculous.

  4. sophie

    I like the look, but she’s become a joke with her runway New York lifestyle. She’s sooooooooooo down-to-earth.

  5. Nicky

    This is so cute, I would wear this in a heartbeat. I don’t really care if she’s coming from the gym, it’s still a great outfit.

  6. Marybeth

    Great look!
    I like BOTH her street style and her red carpet style.
    Yes, she wears a lot of embellished gowns but she wears them very well — and anyone who thinks that is the ONLY thing she does hasn’t been paying attention the last couple of years.

    She obviously loves dressing for the public eye, even if she’s just coming from the gym.
    That’s nice for those of us who are fashion-watchers, of course, but…..between work and getting dressed, does she have time for anything else? ;)

  7. shontay

    I know her bag and shoes probably cost more than my house, but she needs a serious upgrade in those departments. It always gives me old lady vibes. The rest of the outfit is cute, though. I’m still shaking my head at her ridiculous gym photo ops. So transparent, but play that game girl.

    1. kane

      I hear what you are saying, Shontay. It’s going for ‘classic’ but ending up with mere ‘old-fashioned.’ In a way very similar to the Duchess’s problem, just with the difference that Taylor keeps us interested with colours and prints most of the time. Even though an outfit in itself may look good, I’m often not buying it: it feels put on, costumey or inauthentic.

  8. Phoenix

    I think I much prefer her street-style to her red-carpet style, personally. She looks flawless on the redcarpet too of course, but her street-style has more zing.

  9. Nat39

    I like her street style at the moment (cute, summery, well put-together) and she is consistent on the red carpet too. Whether we are bored with her choices or not, her red carpet looks are always well executed and she is often among the best (or the best) dressed at the events.


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