The Great Kardashian Debate – Verdict


I wanted to thank you so much for all your comments and votes on the Kardashian post. You brought up many points I hadn’t thought of and many suggestions I will take on board.

While the 50-50 divide doesn’t give a clear answer to my question, I think the suggestion of featuring Kim during major events like the Met Gala, Cannes, or looks like the above would be a nice compromise to those who don’t want the site to become a Kardashian-fest extension of the Daily Mail.

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53 thoughts on “The Great Kardashian Debate – Verdict

    1. nina

      and I see every1 agrees, even the nay sayers! Nope, not for me. There are only a handful of Kardashian-free places on the net and this is one of them, or was, but I’m moving along to the rest I suppose.
      When you put Kardashian in a pretty dress and take her to the MET Gala or put her on the Vogue cover, it doesn’t mean she’s elevated, it means Anna WIntour turned to trash for profit

  1. Leigh

    Agree. I too voted no, but it seems like the best comprise.
    Loving your work FC and how you always keep your readers in mind!

  2. tr

    the met gala is the only major red carpet event she goes to. so posting about her once a year is fine with me,

  3. Noemi

    I think this is the right decision. It’s undeniable that sometimes she wears beautiful clothes. She dresses better that other celebrities featured on this blog. But we all (or at least most of us) know this is not the point.
    I’m glad about your decision, I was afraid my favorite blog would have become like People, where KK is featured every day.

  4. Chris

    That seems fair enough…still, personally, cannot stand how our society worships her regardless of the fact that she’s unintelligent and has no morals as long as she’s famous.

  5. Eri

    I totally support your decision. Thank you for taking the readers’ comments into consideration. Love you FC!

  6. Kornelbc

    So happy you came up with this. I couldn’t vote yesterday for the same reasons.
    I don’t appreciate the reasons of her stardom but her taste and close friendship with Balmains Olivier Roustaing somehow justify her occasional presence on you beautiful blog.
    (Honestly, I work in fashion and your blog is the only one I take pleasure in reading every time ♥ )

  7. Sarah

    This shouldn’t be a difficult question. I’m no fan of the Kardashians, but I hate to see women constructing and placing ourselves into hierarchies. Why do we let ourselves believe that certain women are fundamentally less worthy of our attention? What are these hierarchies based on? Are they more harmful than we let ourselves admit? I like this blog because it’s relatively objective (especially when compared with the aforementioned daily mail), so if this isn’t the place to judge a public figure purely for the clothes they’re wearing, where is? I don’t know. I’m a big fan of RCFA, but once you let public perception dictate your reports on fashion, it’s a slippery slope. And my response doesn’t even acknowledge the misogyny and hypocrisy of the public perception. This just always seemed like a blog where we could separate fashion from the rest of the minutia, but it doesn’s feel so much like that anymore.

  8. Emilie

    I’m sure this comment will inspire vitriol, but what’s the huge difference between Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian? Neither has ever had a real job. Neither is a talented performer or artist. At least Kim’s wealth and public identity isn’t entirely wrapped up in her husband’s. I thought this was a place to discuss fashion. Are any of you prepared to argue that KM’s fashion choices are decidedly more interesting and enlightened than Kim’s?

  9. Mary

    I think we can stop acting like our judgement is a great privilege that’s been taken from Kim.

  10. sophie

    I saw this coming. But please don’t feature Klassic Klassless Kartrashian Fashion. It appears regularly on even big red carpets and pounds the poor streets daily.

    Kartrashian fashion that isn’t a hot mess only. There is only so much righteous indignation this blog can handle *g*

    Efforts to look classy only hopefully will find its way on this blog (but that horrid family will never be classy.)

    I toast to what some of your readers call snobbery (it’s actually called Good Taste)!

  11. amy

    that’s exactly what I voted for. I do not want to see her featured on a weekly basis.she’s overexposed enough but when she happens to be at a huge event like the Met ball,the grammys or others, I don’t mind her being featured.

  12. Dawn

    Not a fan of any of the Kardashians, but respect your decision to feature her for large events only. If I saw her once a month that would be more than enough for me!

  13. Ashley

    I love your blog and I like Kim! I voted for posts about her because the world already discriminates and I think fashion should be something that makes people happy. I think this is a great compromuse

  14. blossom

    Dear FC, I think you are fabulous, inspirational, and I love the spirit of this blog. When I shop (which isn’t very often) or dress to go out I always ask myself WWFCS (What would Fashion Critic Say?). Keep up the great work and stay true to yourself.

  15. Ana

    Its funny how you are all so quick to judge. This is a fashion blog, who cares about Kims background? Its been like 10 years from that infamous sextape. If shes over it you should too. Shes come a loooong way from those days. Give her a break.

  16. EmmaWoodhouse

    Handled with astute professionalism, as I know to expect. I respect your decision, FC, and think it is a diplomatic and fair one!

  17. Olivia

    Fair enough. A little Kardashian would be appropriate given the context. But I must say, girl’s got a real banging wardrobe these days.

  18. LM

    I’m not sure I see the great debate here. Sure, the woman is photographed so much you wouldn’t want to feature too many posts of her, but most of her out-and-about outfits aren’t awe-some anyway and not worth the feature. It just seems like it is because she has on a thick face of makeup every single day. Just feature the significant ones…

  19. Jess2

    You are wonderful and always serve us well! This was such a great way to address the debate and I do find the result very interesting. Looking forward to more of what you do best Catherine! x

  20. Jazz

    While I’m happy a compromise has been reached, I do think it’s fair to bring up one point: It’s my understanding that our comments are intended to revolve around the fashion of a celeb on this site; We are to refrain from unnecessary personal attacks. I think by excluding a major celeb figure who does in fact influence many, many individuals with her fashion we are making an implicit statement about this person irrespective of their fashion.


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