Anna Dello Russo Front Row @ Milan Fashion Week Mens Spring 2015

Anna Dello Russo Front Row @ Milan Fashion Week Mens Spring 2015

Anna Dello Russo was front and centre during Milan Menswear Fashion Week Spring 2015 this past week, where the ‘Vogue’ Japan editrix was on her standard stylista behaviour, which is to say that she grabbed stares in a few rounds of flashy and splashy statements, whilst marching to the beat of her own fashion drum. Just another day on the front row for Anna.

Versace Show: ADR jump-started the collections on a shiny note, wearing a sequinned Ashish Spring 2014 colourfully striped mini-dress with Sophia Webster’s strikingly graphic ‘Riko’ sandals and a happy-face clutch. Did one of her first looks of men’s fashion week have you smiling?

Iceberg Show: Continuing the leggy theme, she sauntered out an Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2014 navy-blue, barely-there dress—a rather ironic choice for the Iceberg show. The frock featured the designer’s signature cutouts and sexy appeal, along with the spring collection’s triangular-shaped hem and cabochon buttons. Black booties and a gold Saint Laurent bag were mere afterthoughts to the pieced-together, skin-is-in dress.

Missoni Show: Switching from her Anthony Vaccarello edge to something a bit more sweet, she wore a Nina Ricci Spring 2014 flowery pastel dress, popped with a bolt of colour complements of Sophia Webster’s bold ‘Chiara’ butterfly sandals. A whimsical Yang Du clutch completed the look that actually wasn’t so innocent, given the see-through status of the dress that had her undies peeking through.

Anna Dello Russo Front Row @ Milan Fashion Week Mens Spring 2015 2

Moncler Gamme Bleu Show: This may be Anna’s most surprising fashion-week ensemble, but simply because it was her most tame and a rather out-of-character move for the boundaries-pushing editor. She covered up in a long Marc Jacobs Spring 2014 leaf-print dress that was previously worn by Sofia Coppola and Drew Barrymore, which also made the look less interesting simply for the fact that we’ve seen it before—twice. She did add her standard quirky spin via the Sophia Webster ‘OMG’ clutch.

Diesel Black Gold Show
: Returning to her more normal ways, ADR once again embraced transparency via her sheer white lace Isabel Marant Spring 2014 dress, worn with a neon-green bra, along with Alexander Wang chunky white shoes and a mini Hermes handbag.

Fendi: At the Fendi show, she showed her support for the brand by wearing a Fendi Fall 2014 black, bold-shoulder dress with a sheer hemline. The label love continued with her metallic Fendi bag, white Fendi high-top-inspired shoes and, for that touch of additional quirk, a pair of vintage Courrèges ‘Eskimo’ sunglasses. For its sporty yet still relatively sophisticated vibe, this may be my favourite look from ADR’s own fashion week—if for those sunnies alone.

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  • Guest

    Her ridiculously dreadful outfits scream: ‘I’m past 50 and I can’t take it! (So I shall continue wearing clothes suitable for teens and women in their twenties.’ No, it’s not about being eccentric or playing with fashion, it’s just about being tacky.

  • Valentina

    She wears clothes that look so “young”, they make her look “old”.

  • Maria

    She’s like a leathery orange string bean. But I love the Marc Jacobs look!

    • Dhppy

      I wouldn’t call her a string bean. There’s some muscle tone in those arms and legs. She clearly works to maintain that body.

  • gurlygurl

    She actually looks nice in the 4th outfit…. if only she would dress her age. Having said that, she shows the definitive difference between a fashion icon and a style icon. ADR will wear anything that’s on trend no matter how in appropriate whereas a style icon knows what works for them, is timeless and elegant without falling for every trend. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

  • Yeliz

    The Marc Jacobs look is OK, the others not.

  • Charlotte

    I look at her and think wow, money doesn’t buy taste or class. To me she is someone who slavishly follows trends but has not an ounce of her own style. And I totally agree with the above comment, that the clothes don’t look like an expression of her. They wear her.

  • jenny

    What’s ironic is that she does not really carry clothes well and those funky choices and mismatched accessories.

    I like she’s eccentric but why her hair and makeup are so subtle and mostly the same? She’s not selling it to be as a package and the clothes are wearing her

    • Dhppy

      That’s a good point. ADR’s risk taking usually stops from the neck up. If she wore wild hair and makeup, her clothing choices would make much more sense. Perhaps that’s the reason I like her Fendi outfit, the glasses pull the outfit together.

  • Alina

    The Marc Jacobs… but I don’t like that very much either.

  • Eri

    I like none of her looks…. Just outrageous and vulgar… Especially the iceberg number looks ridiculous. She looks to me she’s just enjoying the attention.

  • Phoenix

    I also vote for the banning of her. She tries wayyy too hard. always. either to look ‘fashionable’ or to look ‘young’. neither of which work. I feel embarrassed for her every time. She is not fashion, or even an example of.
    I cant believe she is on this site…..kardashian ughggggg, is being debated about rite now, but this???

  • Prudence

    I vote for the banning of her on this website. She is what Rihanna will be in 30 years. Desperate and attention seeking.

  • Valissa

    ADR is ridiculous, there’s no denying that…but she knows it and she clearly doesn’t care! I always giggle and sometimes roll my eyes when I see her but for the most part I admire her! She obviously loves fashion and is not afraid to have fun with it! Fashion shouldn’t always be taken so seriously and unlike lady Gaga or Rita Ora she never looks like she’s trying too hard!

  • Phoenix

    I think that as a fashion-lover I’m supposed to be head over heels for this embarrassing display….of anything.
    I’m just not there.
    How anyone close to my age or over maybe,…could dress or style themselves that way….I’m humiliated for them.

    • Annkat

      Well, that’s definetely your choice. I think AdR take risks, sometimes they don’t work but always fun and interesting see her. And in my IMHO she has great legs.

  • Christine

    I like her third and forth looks. That’s about it.

    • Nicky

      Ditto. Not that I really take this woman seriously anyway

  • dee

    I would be happy if ADR weren’t featured here anymore. She looks good in the Marc Jacobs dress. The rest of these looks are dreadful.

  • Raf

    Quite demure and boring for her standards.
    FC I woukd like to takr this opportunity to comment about Kim K issue, if u stopped posting about her, please include Rita Ora on that restriction. Xoxo

  • DorianGray

    Thanks for this post FC.
    I love seeing AdR eclectic style during fashion weeks. She’s one of the few italian icons worldwide famous. I like her Christopher Kate outfit/Charlotte Olympia bag too

  • Nat39

    4th Marc Jacobs by default. She actually looks nice. The rest are ridiculous.

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