Gabrielle Union MakeupCelebrity makeup artist Fiona Stiles worked with Gabrielle Union to create her beauty look for the ‘Think Like A Man Too’ LA premiere.

Fiona talks about the inspiration behind the beauty look: “As we were getting ready, Gabrielle, her hairstylist and I talked about the look and the dress. When her hairstylist said he was going to do a tight bun with a deep side part, clean and sleek, and then I saw the two-piece Dolce & Gabbana dress, I knew I wanted to do a red lip and soft eye on Gabrielle. Bronzy skin, a structured brow and flirty lashes looked unfussy while still feeling incredibly elegant.”

Fiona used bronzer on the eyes instead of shadow, to create depth, and skipped liner, making the eye feel not too made up. She wanted to keep the eye all about the lashes, and the look about beautiful skin and a statement lip.

She used false lashes on the top and bottom to open up her eyes, while also giving Gabrielle a stronger brow to balance out the strong lip.

Just a little bronzer on the cheeks gave definition without looking ‘blushy’.

Even though there is a strong lip, the look was all about radiant skin.

Gabrielle Union Makeup2

Foundation: Neutrogena Mineral Powder in Tan
Blush: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blush & Bronzer in Raisin Glow
Bronzer: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Bronzer in Sunset Glow
Mascara: Neutrogena Healthy Volume in Carbon Black
Lips: NARS Lip Liner in Jungle Red

Credit: Getty