Shailene Woodley In Ralph Lauren Collection – ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ New York Premiere

Shailene Woodley In Ralph Lauren Collection - 'The Fault in Our Stars' New York Premiere

Shailene Woodley attended ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ premiere held at Ziegfeld Theater on Monday (June 2) in New York City following a round of interviews during the day.

The actress brought her tour to a close wearing a stunning bright-yellow one-of-a-kind Ralph Lauren Collection peplum column gown.

I adore the colour and the simple way she accessorized her look, just adding her can’t-live-without pendant necklace; however, I would’ve loved to have seen a different variation on the hair.

She promoted two movies back to back with pretty much the same hairstyle.

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22 thoughts on “Shailene Woodley In Ralph Lauren Collection – ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ New York Premiere

  1. Charlotte

    The color of the dress is beautiful and this dress is great on her.
    But the hair, the make up and the tan lines are a NO !

    1. CreoleLady

      +1. The lip color is nice but the shine crosses over from dewy to greasy, at least on my screen. And the short hair does not become her imo.

  2. Leska

    I could swear that her dress was a Dior, really looks like the dress that Jennifer Lawrence wear at Oscars.

  3. SilentVisitor

    She looks great but this reminds me of Solange’s Rachel Roy (I think) dress she wore at the MET gala a couple of years ago

      1. glyc87

        Woah!It does look very similar. Think I prefer the Rachel Roy, with the more structured peplum. Also the dress sits too low on her, and that’s annoying.

  4. Clara

    Absolutely in love with the dress, the color, and how it looks on her, but I’m not sure about the hair & make-up. In general is a good look.

  5. Susan

    I love this on Shailene. Maybe yellow is a good color for women. So far it’s worked for Michelle, Emma and now Shailene.

  6. Rosvely

    I think she looks great! The color is awesome and the dress fits her perfectly. Love the lip, I think it finishes the look perfectly. Love, love, love. BDOTW

  7. Rebecca Z

    I love the look–the dress, the color, etc. So sad that the dress is too long. She is so tall–how does she have this problem?


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