Lucy Liu In Carolina Herrera – 2014 Huading Film Awards

Lucy Liu In Carolina Herrera – 2014 Huading Film Awards

Lucy Liu didn’t leave us with just one Carolina Herrera look while hosting the 2014 Huading Film Awards at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Los Angeles, California on Sunday (May 1). She wore a second gown by the designer for her double fashion feature.

This one was a strapless black-and-ivory, floral-lace ball gown with a ribbon tie at the waist and a long train.

The silhouette delivered a classically romantic quality, which she further enhanced by twisting her hair into a low updo and adding a pair of diamond earrings.

I loved the gold-embroidered effect of her first gown, but appreciated the sophisticated, minimal styling of her second outing. Which look did you prefer?

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14 thoughts on “Lucy Liu In Carolina Herrera – 2014 Huading Film Awards

  1. Yeliz

    This is just as gorgeous as her previous look. But I kinda prefer the other look, because the hairstyle was better IMO.

  2. Nat39

    This is really nice, the elegant styling is just perfect. But I’d have to go with her 1st look – it’s more special, distinct and impactful with its gold-embroidered detaling.

  3. Marybeth

    This is lovely but it pales in comparison to her first look, which was a definite BDOTW contender.

    (I wish she had given us a more significant difference between the two looks.)

  4. CreoeLady

    There is much to love about both looks. Love the Liu-Herrera combo. But the looks are so similar that they almost cancel each other out.

  5. Shruti

    The earrings, hairstyle and makeup make the overall look seem like an amateur attempt at red carpet fashion. Sleek hair and accessories and a natural face would’ve probably made this a lot more striking. She’s beautiful though and the gown is great.

  6. Teleholic

    I appreciate that she went a different route with the hair to keep it from looking same-y compared to the first look but I MUCH prefer the first look over this, largely due to the hair.

  7. Alina

    I think both looks are beautiful, but I prefer the first one.

    At the end of the year, she should get an award, like the “We want to see her more” award. :)

  8. Jess2

    I like this look the most, it has more elegance to it. I wasn’t a fan of the styling for her previous look.

  9. cscn

    I actually really like this look. It’s the Chinese version of the ‘classic movie star’ look. Reminds me of old Shanghai actresses. The last one was a bit more modern, but this one has a certain charm about it.


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