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Angelina Jolie In Atelier Versace – ‘Maleficent’ World Premiere

Angelina Jolie In Atelier Versace - 'Maleficent' World Premiere

Angelina Jolie graced the red carpet for the World Premiere of Disney’s ‘Maleficent’ held at the El Capitan Theatre on Wednesday (May 28) in Hollywood, California.

Wearing both black and Atelier Versace – no surprises there – the actress wore a dramatic strapless black gown composed entirely of rubberized silk gathered delicately at the hip.

Something tells me that trash bag comments will come into play here, but I think this gown couldn’t be more perfectly suited to Angelina’s red carpet style; plus, it’s perfectly in tune with her character: dramatic, dark and mysterious, leaving you captivated and intrigued.

I love the styling, which included a custom Stella McCartney gold spike bangle and earring and smoky eyes.

In short, I love it.

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  • Bailey

    A gown on the whole other end of the spectrum from Elle’s, and I like it. There is a lot of volume to this dress but putting it to one side keeps it from being overwhelming on her smaller frame. Hair and makeup are perfect and I love the single spike earring she is wearing

  • snowlion

    I think I have to accept I don’t like her style. This looks like a dream dress if you have gargoyle/smokey dragon waterfall/panther statues in your home.

  • It reminds me so much of Sandra Bullock’s McQueen Gown at the Oscars 2014. But Angie works the hell out of it. I love it.

  • Nat39

    Too bulky and deja vu, we’ve seen this type of draping a few times before, it’s like a heavy-handed version of Sandra Bullock’s Oscars gown, just no.

  • EEL

    It looks like a very elegant trash bag

  • MaddyEliza

    If it was a different material I would love it. But unfortunately I can’t get past the appearance of a trash bag; it ruins the look for me. Disappointing–this could have been a fabulous outing.

    • Nat39

      The rubberized fabric looks very evil, just like her character in the movie. It’s bad.

  • Jai

    It’s a good look. Much better than her Oscars gown.

  • nishta

    I feel a desperate need to take her home and feed her. Not a fan of the dress either although it does totally represent her style.

  • Dil

    I love the overall look but for some reason I think a sweetheart kinda neckline would have looked better in this gown..

  • amy


  • Prudence

    yes its black but its damn fierce! This suites her and the movie so well! BDOTW

  • pinksugar

    This could not be more perfect. It’s perfect for her character, the event, everything. The dress is deliciously evil and her styling, right down to her sleek ponytail are on point. I adore this.

  • moonbeam

    I love the single spiked earring! But does it hurt? It looks like it’s going through the hole in her ear!

    • julyol1972

      Earrings like these sometimes separate in the middle so the front end with the post can go through the ear. The back is pushed onto the post, and attaches like any other earring.

      • moonbeam

        Ah, okay. Thanks for the info!

  • Stel

    I love everything!! And the hair is beatiful!

  • gabis

    This is what was needed for people to literally say that she looks good even in a trashbag because that’s what it looks like.
    Overall it’s a nice look because let’s face it, looking good or at least ok in a black dress with a simple styling is something anyone can do without even needing the hand of a stylist. Her hair and makeup are great and that design suits her. Still the trashbag-looking fabric is awful, the bust area looks weird and I don’t like the accessories.

  • Joy

    I absolutely love this look! I don’t think the dress could have been more flattering on her, she looks AMAZING in it. And the accessories are perfect for this dress and the event. A lot of times people get excited over her looks and I don’t get all the excitement, but on this occasion she looks stunningly gorgeous.

    • admmgz


  • Kathy

    Love it! The texture of the dress gives it a sort of grotesque quality, which is perfect for her character, but the shape keeps it elegant and just dramatic enough for a premiere.

  • dee

    This is typical for Angie but she looks gorgeous anyway.

  • Rebecca Z

    This is spectacular. It’s a costume and she looks magnificent. The spiked earring gives me the creeps, but it is all part of the image.

  • Pedro

    Great dress but she can do way better.

    6 out of 10

  • marie

    I love it and I ‘m sure the photos don’t do it justice (that’s what photos do to leather dresses)
    It’s simply perfect and so fitting. BDOTW contender.

  • Perfect dress for a film like this.

  • Yeliz

    Well I’m not a fan of the material but it all works perfectly here. And it’s also in tune with the theme of the movie. She looks amazing.

    • Alina


  • Marcel

    Boring, predictable…But still with the right amount of the drama effect for the occasion . Undoubtedly well executed and in tone for this premiere.
    She does look very good.Stunning indeed.

  • Diana

    She looks gorgeous. I love it!

    • Fiona-Brasil

      +1 !

  • d

    she is beautiful but this is too heavy for spring/summer!

  • mamaria

    in tune with her character – yes: scary

  • towanda

    it’s too heavy for summer . i don’t like it

  • dan oliver

    I love it yes the trash bag comments are inevitable but I think its in tune with her character and her own style. I really like the sleek pony also.

  • kane

    It fits the premiere alright. But I’m yawning so hard I can’t even see the screen.

  • e

    SO in tune with her character Maleficent, love her and love the outfit.

  • Christine

    The material is trash bag ish but it works for this premiere

  • Denise

    Well the texture of it does look like a trashbag. A beautifully constructed desinger one. I thing the belief that “Angie would look great in a trashbag” comes true here. The styling, hair and make up are on point.

  • Ioana

    OMG… those hands are hideous!
    I don’t particularly like the dress (the material looks cheap), but I like the overall styling, matching her movie character.

    Also, I think that Angelina Jolie’s red carpet style is overrated.

    • AJ


    • AJ

      +1 She’s a gorgeous lady, but very much overrated in the style department

    • Emma


    • NooG

      Attack the styling and the dress. No need to attack her hands. This is a FASHION sie..

  • Thit

    Love it!! She looks gorgeous.
    And maybe it’s the dress, but she also doesn’t look as skinny and unhealthy as she did some time ago.

  • Iva

    I don’t like it.

  • rye

    i think this one is stunning, with leather dress i think when it was photograph it often looked like it’s a fancy transh bag, but this one is outstanding and i’m sure the dress looked more gorgeous in person

  • sc

    It does have a rash bag element but I sort of don’t care. She looks gorgeous, it fits the idea of her character perfectly, and the styling it right out of the old school Angelina playbook.

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