Milla Jovovich In Chanel – ‘Pompeii’ Tokyo Premiere

Milla Jovovich In Chanel - 'Pompeii' Tokyo Premiere

Milla Jovovich attended the ‘Pompeii’ premiere held at Roppongi Hills on Monday (May 26) in Tokyo, Japan.

The actress donned a Chanel Resort 2014 black glittered gown with an eye-catching black and white shredded-tulle skirt.

Milla styled the look with a silver leather Chanel clutch which I don’t think complemented the dress style- or colour-wise, plus she added a Chanel pearl bracelet.

Is this look working for you?

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15 thoughts on “Milla Jovovich In Chanel – ‘Pompeii’ Tokyo Premiere

  1. sophie

    Like Juliette Lewis, she makes possibly hot messes look fabulous. So this is a yes for me.

  2. Marcel

    Her behind got Kardashianesque proportions in that first picture… What happened there ?
    It looks all strange. It is a NO for me.

  3. shap_half

    I was secretly hoping that Diane Kruger would wear this. Sadly, it’s a no from me as it looks on Milla.

  4. kane

    On the model it certainly has the right edge for me with the pixie hair, the dark nail polish and the shoes. Milla’s girly attitude ruins this for me completely.

  5. marie

    It’s an interesting but complecated dress…

    First of all, wht’s with that bracelet?! I don’t like it, but that’s one thing; more importently, it doesn’t suit the dress the least bit!

    Her hair – it isn’t working for me, maybe a simple upd or a half-up would have been better.

    The shoes – nah, not really. And the way she is posing it looks like she can’t walk in them and is nearly falling over.

    This is definetly not the kind of dress you should be selling with a, over-bride smile a a girly pose. She isn’t selling it.
    It’s a big NO for me, sadly.


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