Freida Pinto In Oscar de la Renta – ‘The Homesman’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Freida Pinto In Oscar de la Renta - 'The Homesman' Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Freida Pinto made her second appearance on the red carpet during Cannes Film Festival for ‘The Homesman’ premiere this evening (May 18).

Looking even more beautiful than she did last night (impossible to believe, but just look at her for confirmation) the actress wore an Oscar de la Renta Fall 2014 gown.

The coral gown with gold lame sequin embroidery featured a sweetheart neckline and rise and fall hemline, which gave us a peak at her gold metallic Jimmy Choos.

Opting for smouldering eyes on this occasion, the look was styled with gold jewels.

Freida never fails to deliver, especially during Cannes.

When I see this kind of brilliance I wonder why Zoe Saldana couldn’t deliver this kind of magic.

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34 thoughts on “Freida Pinto In Oscar de la Renta – ‘The Homesman’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

  1. sophie

    I love the gown and I love it on Freida, I just wish she wore stunning visible jewels and gold sandals. I don’t like the pumps.

    1. sophie

      I know, what a bummer. FC, we all join you in crossing our fingers that Zoe turns things around so she doesn’t win the ‘Mojo M.I.A. Award’ at the end of the year…

      Her looks aren’t Magnifique to Tragique like Dior-Imprisoned JLaw and Queen Cotillard, but they aren’t Givenchy Couture at the Oscars Zoe Standard either…

  2. Rahul

    What a gorgeous gown. I’m notbliking Freida’s make up at all. It’s pale rather than luminous. Jewels could have been more exciting.
    P.S.: Sonam Kapoor is spectacular in Elie Saab Couture!

  3. Yeliz

    In love with this look. The gown is truly stunning and that colour looks amazing against Freida’s skin tone. Love her simple styling too. She looks fantastic.

  4. Rahul

    What a gorgeous gown. I’m not liking Freida’s make up though. It looks pale rather than luminous. She certainly glowed more yesterday. Jewels could have been exciting.

  5. diana

    Freida is an absolutely gorgeous woman! I love everything about this gown: the shape, color, gold detailing, how regal and glamourous it is…

  6. justme

    She looks really beautiful. She’s a worthy L’OrĂ©al ambassador.

    I wish Eva Longoria would take notes. They have a similar built yet Freida experiments so much more.

  7. Daisy

    I like the gown but think the red carpet ruins it. If it were blk carpet would enjoy the contrast.

  8. nicole

    Everything is spectacular about this look. She doesn’t let the dress swallow her which would be easy since she is pretty tiny.

  9. From-chitown

    That is a stunning dress and not one i would have picked for Freida but she looks spectacular. She is bringing the much needed drama to the red carpet. What makes me love this even more is how different it is from her yesterday’s gown. Loving her choices.

  10. dee

    I like this better than the other gown she wore. The color is gorgeous. I really like this but not loving it.

  11. Joy

    This color is simply gorgeous on her. Every look she delivers is interesting, different & oh so fresh. This look is so beautiful!

  12. CreoleLady

    The pumps almost destroyed this look for me so I’m glad to see the other pictures. I don’t understand it, pumps on the red carpet at Cannes. The hemline makes them unavoidable and hard to ignore.

  13. Prudence

    Am I the only who sees those terrible shoes??? That plus the lack of volume on the skirt ( like the model ) really brings this whole look down for me. Oh and her makeup is too smooky and I dont care for the severe bun either. This is nice but again small details totally killed this look.

  14. EmmaWoodhouse

    I think she’s doing better this year than last! This is a great look for Cannes and I love the color.

  15. Gemma Rockets

    Stunning… This dress is perfect for her, spectacular colour. As someone who likes a strong lip and has never warmed to nude lipsticks I would just like to see her in a brighter lip, but she still looks amazing.

  16. Kim

    I love the dress, but I think it wears her, rather than the other way around.
    The fit doesn’t seem quite right, like it sits slightly too high over her chest and the proportions are a fraction off. Definitely needs a bit more volume in the skirt and the run way shoes would have been perfect. And the hair doesn’t work for me either. A few little things would improve this look so much, but still one of the best of the night!

  17. kane

    If I shut out that part of the brain that says that she’s draped herself in a fancy curtain stolen from one of the chatĂȘaux in the area then I could really love this. Freida is quite often a bit of hit or miss for me, but I would certainly put this into the hit category.

  18. TeaAtTwo

    A pair of ansdals and htis would have been ‘shutting it down’ terrioty for me but she looks amazing nevertheless.

  19. towanda

    i only like dress. not like Makeup/Hair/shoes . it’s a shame cause with right styling this dress could be perfect


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