Julianne Moore In Louis Vuittion – ‘Mr Turner’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Julianne Moore In Louis Vuittion - 'Mr Turner' Cannes Film Festival Premiere

Julianne Moore took to the red carpet this evening (May 15) for the ‘Mr Turner’ premiere during the 67th Annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France.

Giving us our second custom Louis Vuitton look of the festival, the actress never fails to surprise me with how well she pulls off these edgier choices.

Her Fall 2014 inspired gown featured a corset in burgundy varnished leather with a spiral skirt in black embroidered satin.

Accessorizing Chopard jewels, a Louis Vuitton black ‘Epi Electric Petite Malle’ clutch and black LV patent leather belt, I think this fashion-forward look paid off.

Do you agree?

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30 thoughts on “Julianne Moore In Louis Vuittion – ‘Mr Turner’ Cannes Film Festival Premiere

  1. Yeliz

    I also think that it paid off. She carries this gown very well and I love the hairstyle. She looks gorgeous.

      1. fashionreview

        I think this look is one of the worst that I have ever seen on a red carpet!
        How people can think that this look is even OK!
        Nothing works…
        The proportion, the sleeves, these sequins with this leather, the neckline, the belts… It’s so DREADFUL!!!
        She looks fat and dull but I have to admit that the hair and make up looks great.
        Anyway once again a new awful Vuitton looks
        Can we resurrect Marc Jacobs? I wasn’t a big fan of his work but it was much less horrible.
        The only thing Ghesquiere has is to be trendy for a venal fashion world and the only thing he succeeded was to copy exactly a 50′s bag for Balenciaga that became a it bag… dissapointing fashion world!

  2. Alina

    I like this, I really do… but I can’t help feeling this would have been even more perfect at a fall movie premiere in New York City.

  3. Rahul

    I don’t think it paid off. The two halves look quite distorted. The top, especially, is the main culprit here. Moore looks gorgeous as always

  4. sophie

    I am bored with Nicolas Ghesquière’s work with Louis Vuitton. It’s the same thing over and over again- miss-mashed leather edgy pieces. Louis Vuitton is about cute retro chic. I’d like to see Julianne in custom Versace Atelier. Wouldn’t that be amazing FC? Think of what Donatella could do for her…

  5. Emmeline

    I think that she looks gorgeous, the hair and makeup are perfect.

    I like the dress to an extent, but I can’t help feeling like the whole thing is a little stiff. As though she could step out of the dress and it would still remain standing without anything to hold it up.

    1. Camille

      +1 and her hair and makeup are divine, but I also think black top would have been more cohesive and as much as I love this on her, I wish she’d chosen something more in season for spring/summer in Cannes.

  6. pinksugar

    I don’t like this at all. For Cannes or anywhere else. It looks too mismatched and the top looks cheap.

  7. Nat39

    The look does feel fall but I can’t help but love it. The unusual contrast between the leather top and the elegant skirt is working surprisingly well. It’s an interesting, unexpected, perfectly styled look and she carries it off extremely well. I’m sold.

  8. the ogre

    I don’t like this at all. It’s not for the RC at Cannes. But her hair and make up are both spot on as always.

  9. Anne

    I love the top, and I love the skirt, but I don’t think I love them together. Gorgeous hair, makeup and jewels, though

  10. FER

    I am really trying to warm up with Nicolas Ghesquière’s work, but so far I have failed to love any of his pieces, the leather is to weird, it’s not even well fitted, and being paired with an overworked skirt it just makes the whole look just stiff, thanks God for Julianne’s class and poise, but this look in anyone else would look as a project runway trying way too hard piece.

    I have never been a real fan of Louis Vuitton, I prefer the label’s accessories and separate pieces rather than their red carpet gowns, but, with a new direction I thought the change would be for better, and so far, so NOT good. I hope it get’s better.

  11. mm

    Love the hair and makeup. She pulls it off, but i dont like the gown, I instantly thought “winter is coming” the fabric is so heavy.

  12. EmmaWoodhouse

    Disappointed. The skirt is great, and her hair and makeup are as well. But these plunging, shiny, ill-fitted cheap looking leather bodices on the LV dresses are terrible.

  13. from-chitown

    Not liking the look. The top and the bottom belong to different dresses. I wish she had gone for glam than edgy.

  14. LM

    Ouch, what in the world happened? Something is off here such as the make up, or the slightest detail like how the colour of her top could have been a darker hue of burgundy.

  15. Jones19

    I love it! Julianne always looks amazing in these types of looks, she doesn’t do sugary well or extreme glamour.


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