Fan Bingbing In Zuhair Murad Couture – ‘X-Men: Days of Future’ Past Singapore Press Conference

Fan Bingbing In Zuhair Murad - 'X-Men Days of Future' Past Singapore Press Conference

Fan Bingbing attended the Singapore press conference for her latest movie, ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ with co-stars Hugh Jackman and Peter Dinklage, which was held at the Ritz Carlton Hotel on Wednesday (May 14).

The actress wore a dainty Zuhair Murad Spring 2014 Couture dress expertly cut from macramé lace.

Featuring a peplum detail and an alluring open neckline, the actress styled her look with the same gold leaf belt we saw on the runway, Chopard jewels, and those can’t-live-without quadruple stacked peep-toes.

From the ankles up, I love this fresh take on modern femininity.

18 thoughts on “Fan Bingbing In Zuhair Murad Couture – ‘X-Men: Days of Future’ Past Singapore Press Conference

  1. sophie

    Can we make it a rule that anytime Fan wears the godawful hoof variety she is disqualified from BDOTW?

    Because BDOTW means head to toe perfection, and Fan is 95% of the time lacking in the shoe department.

    This look is a classic Right Dress, Right Woman, Evil Shoe case.

    Hugh’s tee and blazer combo isn’t working for me. Peter should have thrown on a blazer.

    1. justme

      For a seated press conference, I think it’s Fan Bingbing who’s overdressed not the boys lol.

      1. sophie

        You’re right. I’m so in love with the dress that not wearing it never crossed my mind, good point lol.

  2. dee

    Lovely, I not as bothered by the shoes thus time. Maybe because they are hidden in the shadows.

  3. LM

    Fan should be automatically disqualified from any best dressed lists based solely on her makeup alone, that ever dated white foundation vs black eyebrows vs red lips she loves to do that would have been acceptable back in the 90s.

  4. Kat

    This is now the second time she shows up to a press conference with Peter Dinklage wearing hoof shoes. I’m sure he doesn’t give a hoot but I still find it inconsiderate. Not expecting her to wear flats but why can’t she wear simple high-heels? She truly ruins her styling with these atrocities.

  5. kane

    Can’t see the platforms so I’m happy, love the dress, am happy she kept the belt, but would have loved to see this on someone taller (which is probably why she keeps resorting to the atrocious shoes in the first ways, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them).

    1. Ahot

      I think FC chose the picture that hides her shoes best! :-)
      I am sure, she is crushed by her fav´s hoof-game ;-)

  6. Ashley

    Maybe from now on CK should crop FBB’s photos to show only from the ankle up?

    It would save me a lot of heartache and frustration. :)

  7. marie

    Okay, I think these shoes are really quite okay this time. The dress is a piece of perfection, I would pay it in fingers and toes if possible, the hair goes perfectly with it.
    It’s so beautiful that I forgot this was just a press conference. She could have safed this masterpiece for a bigger event.


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