Elle Fanning In Vivienne Westwood – Late Show with David Letterman

Elle Fanning In Vivienne Westwood - Late Show with David Letterman

Elle Fanning made a guest appearance on the ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ on Thursday (May 14) to promote her upcoming movie ‘Maleficent’.

While some of you are somewhat immune to the charms of Vivienne Westwood’s classic corseted dresses, this one took my breath away.

Not only is that gorgeous pink hue giving me chills (the good kind), but I just love the draping on the neckline and the structure and draping on the hips.

In short, it’s a work of art on a level of wow that I also afforded to her Georges Hobeika Couture gown.

Credit: FameFlynet

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  • Peony

    The design and length are sooooo aging on her, and the pink hue is making her complexion look ruddy. I love the VW corset dress, but it’s designed for a grown woman, not a young girl. Imagine this on Rachel Weisz or Monica Bellucci… Elle is such a pretty girl but looks like she’s playing dress-ups.

  • LM

    The dress was made for her down to that bubblegum pink which is so very youthful. I wish she’d have plaited her hair in a fun side plait.

  • Pedro

    Wow! She looks fantastic!

    I love it

  • Dhppy

    Dita Von Teese could sell this, but it’s just odd on Elle. The color doesn’t flow with the blonde hair and brings out a rosacea look on her cheeks. Also the shiny fabric should be broken up with another material and the hemline is way too long. Wrong dress for the wrong girl.

  • Marybeth

    What a GORGEOUS dress — and what a waste.
    Is she playing dress-up?
    Age inappropriate.
    Event inappropriate.
    Not a good color for her pink skin.
    How I wish we could see this on a grown woman, preferably one with a darker, warmer complexion!

  • pinksugar

    The dress itself is lovely however I can’t help bust notice that it is the same shade of pink as her skin/face. The Fannings hair and makeup are a constant look killer for me.

  • Joy

    Love. Love. Love. This is simply gorgeous. I love the color & the drape of the fabric so much. Vivienne Westwood is the bomb.

  • thehauteness

    Beautiful dress and perfect fit for her body!! However, I think this look is too mature for Elle. Also, not a fan of this color on her complexion. I would love to see this gown on Eva Mendes. Her height, coloring and soft womanly curves would be a knockout in this!

  • Camille

    I love Westwood’s corset dresses. (Wish we could get something similar in ready to wear/retail market.) This one is delightful. And though I love the color (she looks divine in this orchid pink color) I don’t care for the shine of the fabric. Also, this dress is more suited to a red carpet event and maybe is too much for a talk show appearance.

  • dee

    I like the top part but not the bottom part. It makes her look bigger than what she is at the bottom and I wish the dress was a little shorter. I agree with others that this would look amazing on Angelina Jolie.

  • Alina

    I think that pictures don’t do this dress any justice – it looked amazing on TV!

    Also, I don’t think this is ageing at all – the colour of the dress keeps it youthful.

    On the other hand, yes, I think this could be saved for a screening or photocall.

  • H

    She looks like perfection! I can see how much she is growing and she seems to be doing it gracefully. I think this is a good choice cause she will be changing as she grows so this is a great way to do it!

  • CTgirl

    The dress is lovely but way too old for Elle.

  • Effy

    This dress is a master piece, nut not an easy one to pull off. She looks really cute but the hair is distrating from that beautiful neackline.

  • Valissa

    The dress is amazing…colour, cut and style are simply divine!!
    But a teenager wearing it to a talk show is absurd! I wish Angelina had taken a risk and worn it to one of the premiers…she would’ve looked wonderful in it!

    • AB

      +1 ITA

  • amy

    I like VW’s corset dresses but this one is too mature for Elle in my opinion. someone older needed to wear this dress

    • mm

      I agree. plus not love the hair with the dress. hair up would’ve made her look even older. but i need the hair up. love the fit of the dress

  • Nightgown silk on a girl this young shouldn’t work but by a stroke of miracle it does. I literally gasped out loud. Eat your heart one Cannes – BDOTW!!

  • Christine

    Oh wow! I am quite intrigued! I love this. She makes it work even though she is so youthful.

  • the ogre

    This is an exquisite dress which looks even more spectacular on Elle. Even though I think such impeccability should have been saved for a movie premiere or such, this shows that Elle is finally moving into big girl territory. This is a BDOTW contender for me. Maybe even BDOTY-worthy.

  • Yeliz

    This doesn’t work for me. I don’t like the shiny fabric and this dress being too much for a TV show appearance aside, I don’t think that it suits to her age.

    • Marina

      Agree on all points, especially not being suited to her age.

    • Anne

      Totally agree!

      I love the design of the dress, but….. I don’t like the fabric, think it’s too old in it’s length and style for Elle, and it’s just all wrong for tv. Plus, I just can never vote for a Fanning sister in a best dressed list until they find someone to work on their hair and makeup.

    • justme

      I totally agree.
      And I’ll add that her hair should have been up. Who is her stylist? :/

  • charlotte

    A teenage girl wearing silk? what was she even thinking?
    Big thumbs down on this look, feels like she stole this dress from her mom’s closet

    • Anastasiia

      she is too young for such dresses

  • d

    dress hard to pull off but it looks great on her!

  • Kat

    Exquisite craftsmanship and the color is spectacular on her. She looks fantastic and you can tell she knows it – the power of a great dress on full display.

    • admmgz


  • kevinappears

    This should be saved for a premiere or big fancy event! For me this is no doubt one of the masterpieces of all the time! I couldn’t believe she wasted it just for a TV show!

    • Mandy

      Absolutely agree. I’m very happy she’s continuing the sleeping beauty theme.

    • Shruti


  • katy

    this looks incredible on her. what a beautiful silhouette and shade! BDOTW by far.

  • Charlotte

    I hate this dress, the fabric is awful !

    • jo


      • baetty


    • neli


  • Denise

    OH, MY GOD ! She looks breathtaking, what a gorgeous woman she will turn into. Everything is working, the colour, the fit, BDOTW contender for me.

    • Cascia

      ITA… BDOTW !!!!!!

    • Quinn

      I love it too!1

  • kane

    This looks great on her!

  • Lea


    • ok


      I don’t understand the love this girl gets.

    • adrian


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