The Blonds Creates Miley Cyrus’ ‘The Bangerz World Tour’ Wardrobe

Miley Cyrus' The Blonds 'Bangerz' TourAfter an extended delay due to illness, Miley Cyrus is back with a vengeance. She kicked off the European leg of her ‘Bangerz’ tour at London’s O2 arena on Tuesday (May 6) with typical boundaries-pushing boldness—and plenty of skin-baring bodysuits—debuting four new custom looks created by New York-based design team, The Blonds.

Look 1: Starting off with a bang, the ‘Miley Mouth’ silver bodysuit, emboldened with a giant pair of shiny red lips, delivered no shortage of showiness—despite the minimum amount of fabric. Echoing her tongue-wagging tendencies, this leotard said it all.

Look 2: Putting a dollar value on her twerking skills, the songstress suited up in the ‘Billion Dollar Miley’ design, embellished with charms and oversized chains. Despite all that money, does this look still come across as cheap or is it rebel-chic?

Miley Cyrus' The Blonds 'Bangerz' Tour2Look 3: Next up, Miley strutted out yet still more shimmer with a hooded, crystallized long-sleeve silver bodysuit. Because the bodysuit was obviously not enough, she topped it off with a furry yellow coat and shiny fringe white cowboy boots.

Look 4: Still channeling her inner rock-star cowgirl, she matched sequin-accented yellow boots with a high-octane, yellow crystal sweetheart bodysuit that featured a rip-away skirt.

Despite their sparkling, head-turning quality, a constellation of bodysuits is more or less expected from Miley. Do you like the looks, or is it just too much glitz, glitter and gams?

Credit: Getty & FameFlynet

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  • JJ

    This is why Dave Grohl termed Miley and her ilk ‘stripper pop.’

  • Magdalena

    Draco Malfoy goes craazy

  • marie

    Well, I don’t get modern art – maybe it’s the same hear and the problem is that I just don’t get it. But I would be ashamed of being in the same room… Seriously, I want Hannah Montanna back…

  • amy

    boring, the leotard is so overdone. meh

  • Stel

    I’m tired of naked legs, men are, people are.. Stop it!!

  • smruthi

    Being a regular at this site I was quite surprised you even featured this. I dont mean it in a derogating way. But for sure I knew it was not posted by Catherine. And when I scrolled down you proved me right. :). I still dont know why I feel Catherine wouldnt have posted this herself :D.

  • Fiona – Perth

    I have liked many of the Blonds collaborations with Kylie Minogue etc and in theory these should be great but they are just so trashily cut that the fashion is gone and we are watching a strip show, not good. I doubt she will regret it as she equates validation with money and she feels her success allows her to continue in this vein as long as people buy tickets I guess – I must be getting old.

    • Denise

      Agree with your comment. No you aren’t getting old, you have a sense of style, and obviously Ms Cyrus doesn’t know the meaning of the word.

  • I like all 4 of them especially the tongue one. I wish the one with the hood was a jumpsuit and I wish they weren’t cut that high I mean she kept showing her butt in that dollar print bodysuit. She kept wedgy-ing herself. geez.

  • TL

    Worst tour dressed of the year! Shows nothing but tacky

  • Georgia

    This poor child’s vag is going to be chafed raw by the end of this tour. I’ve never seen such severely high-cut bottoms. She needs to lighten up on these crotch-strangling bodysuits!

  • Kaiva

    This isn’t anything unexpected. If you have to go crazy, then go full on crazy.

  • Valissa

    Eeeww! I get that these are performance outfits but that doesn’t mean they have to be ugly! Or maybe they do? With today’s popstars, you just never know! SMH

  • Luvergrrl

    It’s all excessively vulgar and defiantly brash. It takes a lot of confidence for a woman flaunt norms of prettiness, good taste, and femininity to this degree. Ergo, I love it.

    • ladyoflettuce

      I agree. She’s a young woman flauting her sexuality in a brash and vulgar way that upsets the demure norms of feministy (that are no less grotesque). Good on her.

  • Marcel

    She would seriously consider wearing warmers. Otherwise she will get a cold in the South Hemisphere.

  • Christine

    Tackyville as expected

  • Carrie

    Oh my… Looking through the getty images gallery of this is a little disturbing.

  • Yeliz

    Tackiness, tackiness and even more tackiness.

  • dee

    Pretty much what one would expect from The Blonds and Miley collaboration. Don’t like anything here.

  • pinksugar

    I am so tired of seeing her bony bottom and waxed bikini area that I could scream. The Blonds aren’t exactly known for being stylish so if vulgar is what they were going for, they succeeded in spades.

    • Dani


  • Gretta

    I beg of you FC, don’t cover this tour. Im already feeling nauseous!

  • H

    Properly can’t bear any of this. I really hope one day Miley reaches a level of maturity where she look back on this and say ‘what was I thinking?’

  • Katrin

    what’s wrong with wearing some pants?

    • JJ

      I think she’d make more headlines if she wore real clothes. lol It’s sort of like when Gaga wears something semi normal–people actually pay attention.

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