Iggy Azalea In Julien Macdonald – 106 & Park at BET Studios

Iggy Azalea In Julien Macdonald - 106 & Park at BET Studios

Iggy Azalea paid a visit to 106 & Park at BET studios on Monday (April 21) in New York City.

Showing off her famed curves, the singer wore a Julien Macdonald Fall 2014 black bugle-beaded long-sleeved frock with sheer inserts.

I look at this dress and say to myself, ‘I don’t know’.

While the dress does showcase her gorgeous figure, it also makes her look bottom heavy, much like she did at the MTV Movie Awards.

I think the best she ever looked was when she wore that stunning Cavalli dress. The majority of her looks always have a question mark hanging over them.

Credit: Style.com & Getty

17 thoughts on “Iggy Azalea In Julien Macdonald – 106 & Park at BET Studios

  1. Christine

    She’s going to look bottom heavy majority of the time due to her gorgeous sick curves.

    I actually like this look on her.

    1. Sara Moore

      Exactly! I don’t think she’s actively trying to pretend her bottom half doesn’t exist. She has an incredible body, and she works it. Love this look.

  2. Kelly

    She looks great.

    I don’t know if you all realize but Iggy IS bottom heavy. She’s a beautiful curvy girl. What you all continue to suggest is that she should try to hide that which is silly and unfair.

    I recognize everything here is simply an opinion but I think it’s pretty clear that she looks great and to be honest, because of her “heavy bottom” looks BETTER in the dress than the model on the runway.

    1. Lauren

      Yes, she IS bottom heavy, but so are Jlo and Beyonce but neither look like they are wearing a diaper all the time.

      Iggy does.

      1. justme

        I agree tbh.
        Olivia Wilde is bottom heavy. Even Keira Knightley is (considering her overall frame) and yet, they don’t end up looking like Iggy.

      2. kelly

        probably because two of three asses you mentioned are real, the white girl’s booty ain’t real thats why it looks so…off

  3. amy

    well she’s quite bottom-heavy so I don’t really if this can be a valid complaint. I think she looks great. the dress is sexy without being too much like some other looks.
    about the cavalli look, I agree, it’s her best.

  4. Sarah

    I don’t think she looks bottom heavy at all. I think she looks like she has curves and is sexy as hell.

  5. Yeliz

    I think this dress hugs her body in all the right places. My only complaint is that it should’ve been a tad shorter, but she looks amazing nonetheless.

  6. Sophy

    At first I thought that she looks funny in this dress and then it struck me- she has a perfectly womanly shape and hips but WE have been conditioned by designers and models and celebrities to consider boyish no hips as the ideal for females!!!!

  7. Camille

    She’s a curvy girl and the dress is pretty sexy on her. It’s those ugly shoes that ruin this look for me. Sexy shoes that complimented the dress would have vastly improved this look.

    1. Ashley

      Exactly! The dress, and her “bottom-heavy” curves look incredible! But the lackluster shoes…

  8. Dhppy

    She’s mostly torso, not enough leg so she needs to consider that in her dress choices. This is a great dress, but the Elie Saab she wore to the Grammys made her look longer.

  9. katie

    She is just not working this look. I agree as always with you FC the Cavalli dress and style, was classically stunning on her


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