Nong Poy In Ralph Lauren – 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards

Nong Poy In Ralph Lauren - 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards

Thai actress Nong Poy took to the red carpet for the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards in Hong Kong on Sunday (April 13).

The actress wore a red off-the-shoulder Ralph Lauren Spring 2014 cape gown which she styled with a matching red lip and subtle diamond jewels.

You may remember that Lupita Nyong’o wore this epic gown to the Golden Globe Awards earlier this year.

Should this gown have been archived after Lupita or does Nong Poy also do justice to this breath-taking look?

Credit: & Sina

26 thoughts on “Nong Poy In Ralph Lauren – 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards

  1. Anne Gallagher

    Lupita wore it first and wore it best, but that should not exclude anyone else from wearing this delightful gown. Especially not a lovely young woman. She looks wonderful.

    1. Marybeth

      Agreed. Nong Poy looks beautiful — and the dress is worthy of a repeat.
      I will always remember it as “Lupita’s red gown” though!

  2. scarlett

    It was the Golden Globes Lupita wore it to not SAGs, but as nice as this is, no one will ever top Lupita in it.

  3. Matt R

    I believe Nong Poy looks beautiful. I also don’t think this gown necessarily needs to be archived, but when you follow someone who wore it on one of the bigger red carpets in the world, there will always be comparisons and not always good ones.

  4. Anita

    Lupita obviously wore a sample. It was produced commercially and can be bought in stores. So maybe this actress purchased it? I think it’s very risky to wear such memorable statement dress.

  5. Cookie

    I think it works. Lupita brought a lot of edge to it especially with her funky ‘do (but I’m not fond of all the weird stuff they’re doing to her hair now, I have a K.I.S.S. attitude towards beauty) but Nong Poy’s presentation is different and more straightforward. Both look lovely

  6. CreoleLady

    I felt a number of people unjustly failed to give Lupita her props on this dress because Gwyneth Paltrow wore a caped dress the previous year, even the the latter was a different designer, color and fabrication. I will be most interested if folks are kinder to Nong Poy wearing exactly the same dress as Lupita N’yongo just a month before.

  7. brat

    I thought Lupita looked amazing and I never think a dress should be archived just because someone else wore it. Especially since this is a Asian awards show. If two people wore the same gown at say, the Oscar’s and Golden Globes in the same season, then no. This girl looks elegant and lovely.

  8. Yeliz

    Lupita in this gown was such a memorable look and I don’t think that anyone can beat her. Nong does look gorgeous though, love that she kept it simple.

  9. dee

    Wasn’t impressed with Lupita in this gown. The gown is nice but nothing jaw dropping on either ladies.

  10. Taylahre

    As much as this is an amazing look from Nong – when I saw this my love for Lupita made me instantly not a fan

  11. Courtney Klein

    Where was this person during awards season…under a rock? What the heck? Why would someone be so dumb as to where something so memorable on someone else? Hello? She’s pretty but who cares. We’ve already seen this! Shaking my head….

  12. LC

    yeah.. no idea why you would want to wear such a famous and it-person’s dress?? especially in the same colour…

  13. Alex V

    Well, I think that this gown worn by Lupita made such a big statement that Nong should’ve picked another option, despite the fact that she does look flawless too.

  14. cindy_ai

    Seriously for me, Nong Poy wears it better. More elegant and feminine. And yes, Nong Poy is a male to female Transsexual. So beautiful.

  15. Syl

    I don’t get the comments. Yes, Lupita wore it perfectly but everyone has the right to wear it. Nong Poy looks amazing!


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