Shailene Woodley In Elie Saab Couture – ‘Divergent’ LA Premiere

Shailene Woodley In Elie Saab Couture - ‘Divergent’ LA Premiere

Shailene Woodley blew me away on the red carpet for the ‘Divergent’ LA premiere held at the Regency Bruin Theatre on Tuesday (March 18) in Los Angeles, California, where she joined Kate Winslet.

If you’ve been waiting for Shailene to wow you, this might be the night.

Usually one to play it quite safe and – dare I say – boring, the actress had her coming-out party wearing a glamorous Elie Saab Fall 2010 Couture gown.

Her fully beaded bronze gown with a draped shoulder and a high slit was constructed slightly differently than on the red carpet, but I think it was for the better.

Complementary gold Stuart Weitzman sandals and gold stud earrings accessorized her look, with her usual barely there makeup look and smoothed-back tresses rounding out her look.

Are you loving this style-180, or would you have preferred to have seen this on Penelope Cruz, Eva Mendes or Angelina Jolie?

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  • Bailey

    I’m not in love with this dress but it was her first real fashionable moment on this premiere tour so it was a big deal when she showed up in this!

  • Georgia

    Dreadful, and what’s that ratty string around her ankle? And is Stuart Weitzman giving away these sandals? Every celeb is wearing them.

  • Dhppy

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look better, though I do think it’s a little mature for her.

  • Prudence

    That girl makes her look like she badly needs a sandwich or 453

  • Anne Gallagher

    Stunning! It might be a tad too old for her, but she looks fantastic.

  • Kathy

    Not feeling this. The silhouette, color, and beading are all wrong, especially considering her age and slightly boyish frame. Had she draped the dress the way the model did on the runway, it would have looked much better, but as it is it looks so matronly and contrived.

  • Nat39

    I like that she’s been more exciting lately. However, I don’t think this is the right gown for her. Thinking Kate Beckinsale.

  • Magdalena

    This is awesome. It’s refreshing both to see her this glam, and to see a not so princessy Elie Saab gown.

  • Luna

    She looks positively radiant! The gown is appropriately elegant and show stopping. BDOTW

  • seangarrette

    i used love Shailene Woodley on the red carpet but, I feel ike everything she wears is either boing or ages her. This gown should be on a woman much older (notice all the examples FC mentioned were well into their 30’a & 40’s) I jut feel she doesn’t have much fun on the red carpet.

  • Killian

    Wow!!! Golden girl! Stunning

  • Jess436

    Dress is the wrong color and too big.
    What does she think she is? Dynasty!? This is for a 60 year old… I heard the movie sucks too

  • Joan

    My second favorite look of the night…only because author Veronica Roth gave these movie stars a run for their money!

    • admmgz


  • justme

    She should have kept the runway version, she looks lost too much fabric.

  • dee

    I like it.

  • Nira

    FC, did you see that this look was styled by Ilaria Urbinati, her first collab with Shailene? She is a magician. Hopefully they work together again in the future!

    • Yes, I am VERY excited about this. If any one can shake up her style, it’s Ilaria.

  • she looks like she picks a mummy dress i mean she’s young and even if elie saab is a genius he can’t do miracles and that dress is beautiful but becomes ugly on her because its not the right size, not the age appropriate, and the color doesn’t go with complexions ! this is a dress for a diva

    • Randa

      totally agree with you!

  • Zissou

    I enjoy the dress, but the print is making it photograph REALLY poorly and that makes this a no-no for a premiere.

  • kane

    Gives me associations of Tarzan and Jane, otherwise it’s okay.

  • Sophy

    She looks sophisticated and sexy – looks like a sari

  • Pedro

    She looks amazing!


  • Jess

    I think that she looks fresh and youthful, and the gown doesn’t overwhelm her. A little bit underwhelming, and I’m not big on the asymmetrical part, but I like this.

  • Christine

    Again I take interesting gowns like this over boring any day.

    She looks nice. Not wowed but nice

  • Clara

    I was hoping she would wear something from him, but she surprised me with the choice of a couture gown. Personally, I think she looks great, maybe the runway version would have looked slightly better on her, but it’s still a change from her usual style in the right direction. In the end, a great look.

  • Yeliz

    This might be one of her best looks ever. She looks fantastic. I love her modified version of this gown.

    • SilentVisitor


  • Joy

    Wow, what a beautiful dress. I like it a lot on her, not sure I love it. Something about it doesn’t fully sell it to me. But it is an amazing Elie Saab creation.

    On another note, her and Kate’s stylists should have coordinated or something. The dresses clash together.

  • Princess Chi Chi

    Nice design and concept but the gown seems so hang off of Shailene’s frame wrong. Her arm is really scaring me though…

    • CreoleLady

      ITA. Scary indeed. Prefer on the model. I like the dress, something a little different from Saab and for Shailene.

  • Charlotte

    I don’t like the asymetric part and I’m not too fond of the color either. Plus I miss a cuff or maybe some drops earrings, in gold.
    However she looks really great in this dress.

    • Alina

      I agree.

  • Laura

    Stunning!! She looks great!

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