Adriana Lima In Gabriela Cadena – BrazilFoundation Gala 2014

Adriana Lima In Gabriela Cadena  - BrazilFoundation Gala 2014

Adriana Lima graced the red carpet for the third annual BrazilFoundation Gala Miami held at Perez Art Museum Miami on Saturday (March 15) in Miami, Florida.

The model looked stunning working the hell out her Gabriela Cadena fuchsia one-shoulder embroidered gown.

She really put her back into showcasing this gown, which features a cut-out detail at the back and a train that only adds to the drama of this striking look.

Giving us a sexy face that JLo would be proud of, she completed her look with a simple ponytail, pewter pumps and a charcoal-grey embellished clutch.

Credit: Getty

23 thoughts on “Adriana Lima In Gabriela Cadena – BrazilFoundation Gala 2014

      1. Valissa

        The dress is tacky as it is, the pose and pouty lips make it worse! I do like her hair and makeup though…

    1. Anj

      I hate when models do this. Miranda Kerr is the worst offender. It looks like they’re pooping while standing up. How is that appealing??

  1. Yeliz

    The colour and the design of the gown looks very dated and tacky. I also think that her pose is ridiculous.

  2. Rye

    The dress fit her like glove and the color really good against her skin… But LOL @ the pose!! Her back must’ve been hurts

  3. SilentVisitor

    Isn’t it weird that even though she is entirely covered, I still find this look tacky; The pose and all just make everything looks so cheap.

  4. Amy

    the pose just upstages everything else going on. what is wrong with her? and the face expression! too much
    so lame to see a woman that gorgeous trying so hard.

  5. Rebecca Z

    Pretty ridiculous. The garish color does look good against her skin, but that is about the best I can say.

  6. Jeremy

    i’m gonna go against the grain here and say that she looks INSANELY HOT. seriously — she’s working the hell out of this look. and YES it’s waaayyy over-the-top, but she’s a Brazilian Victoria’s Secret Supermodel. she’s allowed to be OTT. the colour is breathtaking on her skin. her makeup is stunning. the hair. you can complain about the pose, but the truth is that if that woman were standing in front of you, you’d have to pick your collective jaws up off the floor. lol.

  7. brat

    Jeremy I agree, the posing is OTT but she looks drop-dead gorgeous and model-icious. I don’t understand all the disdain coming her way.


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